Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why I Have a Headache

So I was out in the backyard this evening, thinning peaches. It's not fun to yank half the fruit off of a tree, but I know from both book lernin' and sad experience that peach trees are overachievers; they set more fruit than they can ripen. So if I want large, sweet, juicy peaches in August, I must go out in June and remove at least one half to three-fifths of the little green fuzzballs.

It was a beautiful evening - one of those pleasant, calm, early summer evenings that must be spent out of doors. So I'm plucking away, and becoming more and more irritated by the minute. I couldn't figure out why. At first I thought that it was because Nathan was throwing fuzzy green projectiles at me. But then I stopped to think and realized that there was a strange, persistent, high pitched sound coming from the next door neighbor's yard. So I peeked over the fence, and this is what I saw.

I have no words to express how thrilled I am to have a yapyap dog for a neighbor. Will someone explain to me why my quiet, productive chickens are frowned upon by city ordinance, and this little noise-maker is sanctioned? Those neighbors are not getting any of my eggs, I can tell you that right now.


Pat said...

I am so sorry for you. I guess you will have to buy some ear plugs.

jen said...

Yes, I have never understood why such disturbing, yapping little dogs are ok but when I have 14 sixteen year olds having a silly string fight in the front yard at 11:00 at night, we get the cops called. :)

peacekeeper said...

no eggs for them...i agree! my neighbor says a bb gun does great cures for that problem!

Lisa said...

I can see the headline now, "Bishop's Wife Arraigned for Shooting Neighbor's Worthless Noise Machine!"

Yeah, that will go over well in the ward.

I like these neighbors. I really do. I'm just fundamentally against squeak toys for pets.

dukdub said...

Yea Lisa, we've had to put up with the neighbor's dogs, cows, and peecocks for over 40 years.

Make a recording of him, them when he starts yapping, play it back to him.