Monday, June 23, 2008

He made me cry today.

Ed is his name. Ed is my physical therapist. And I hate him.

The last lovely thing I got to do in therapy today was a another stretching method: face down on the training table, with my knees just off the edge, and let gravity pull the knee straight. For 10 minutes. When the buzzer rang and I was done, I stayed there and cried for a minute. Or two. One of the techs brought me tissue. After I had regained a measure of composure, I limped out to my car. Ed wisely hid somewhere until I was out of the building.

Have you ever heard that tears are healing? "Let it all out, honey, you'll feel better!" I think we've all heard that from some aunt. I don't believe it. At least not today; giving in to the tears made me feel worse. It made me feel like a wimp. And even now, nearly two hours later, I'm still on the brink of tears just thinking about it.

Warning to my family: everybody better be reeeeeelly nice to me tonight unless you wanna see momma cry.

P.S. - Ed says that if I will hang my leg for 10 minutes every morning and night, my leg will be straight in ten days. I forgot to ask how long it would take if I didn't do it.

Anybody know a good voodoo artist?


  1. I'm so sorry Lisa. I'm coming down there and beat up on ED! I'll put him on the rack and stretch him 3 feet longer, and while he's screeming, I'll pull out half his finger nails! Then I'll make a brew of the nails and a dead mouse and give him a curse!

    I'm afraid they will ruin yoyr leg. Can't you do the theropy yourself now? You know what to do, just milder.

  2. Maybe you could just throw darts at a picture of him, to make you feel better.
    Hope there is some chocolate or ice cream in your house.
    Hang in there. Or maybe not hang, whatever feels better.

  3. Yikes dad! I didn't realize you were the violent fantasy type. It's ok... it only hurts while I'm doing it, and I do think therapy is helping... my lurch is a little less hunched over than it was. And I always limp... unless I use crutches.

    Pat, yes, I plan to "hang in there". Good one. :P

  4. I know it hurts but the lurch is deffinately getting better. Don't give up. Do it just like they say and maybe you will be blessed and it will be straight in 8 days. Soon you will be running laps and clogging all around your house. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
    ps- I am making peasant pasta tonight and meals are planned for the week. Lets find a day next week for stroganoff and we'll blog it.

  5. oh, and you deffinately get your sense of humor from your dad! What a funny guy!

  6. I dunno about that "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" blather.

    I think killing Ed might make me stronger. Anybody wanna form a posse?