Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sleepy Feet

My least favorite part of the day is waking up tired kids who stayed up too late the night before. Some days I don't, because I just can't face the whining. Some days I just stay out in the garden and enjoy the peace before it gets hot.

But I recently re-committed to doing family scriptures at 8:30am, so when I neglect to wake people up, I now have guilt. And I'm not talking about your run of the mill I-ate-the-last-cookie kind of guilt. We're talking Real Guilt. Guilt as in not-following-the-prophet-I'm-going-to-hell brand of Guilt. And this sort of guilt must be avoided at all costs. Especially because I ate the last cookie yesterday so there is nothing with which to assuage said Guilt.

Reading the scriptures together in the mornings is a good thing on several levels, a minor benefit being that if the kids are up at a reasonable time, they'll go to bed at a reasonable time. That's my theory, at least. I'll let you know how that one pans out. I'm not terribly optimistic, but a mother can hope. Wish? Dream, maybe?

Speaking of dreaming; Megan is the worst at waking up. She moans and groans and whines and sometimes she even cries. This behavior is calculated to make me avoid waking her up in the mornings. Sometimes it works. But today I was more afraid of The Guilt than I was of little girl whining, so I hardened my heart, girded my loins for battle, and reluctantly opened her door.

This is the sight that greeted me.

So much for the hard heart.

I still woke her up though. I tickled those feet.


  1. Her feet didn't get sunburned!

  2. Also I think maybe they should make another part of The Grudge series called The Guilt.

  3. Haha yeah they should but I'm not going to watch it :)

  4. I hate The Guilt!!! It gets me all the time too. I just have to be careful that I let The Guilt be for things that will make me better not just for the heck of it kind of guilt. :)