Monday, June 23, 2008

Treason and Betrayal

Last night Megan was complaining that her loose tooth was bugging her, so I tried to pull it out. I got my shortish fingernail under the edge and pulled. I even twisted a little bit. I pulled till her eyes got big and she said, "OW!" And then I decided that it wasn't ready yet.

Today Megan wanted to call her friend Scottlynn to play. Because I had Den Meeting and physical therapy this afternoon, I said she could go to Scottlynn's house if that was okay with her mom (Miss Amidey).

I should have known better than to send my loose-toothed child into the Den of the Evil Tooth Pulling Queen. By the time I got home from doing my duty in the Church, I found these pictures on Amidey's blog:

That Woman did it again! And My Child let it happen! A pox on them both! Okay I guess I'll let Megan off the hook because she's underage and didn't know better and I have taught her so very well to obey her Elders. Or is that Elderly? Well, people with gray hair anyway.

So later this evening Megan came to show me the tooth in a ziploc sandwich baggie. "Mom, since I know you are the Tooth Fairy and since you always forget for three days, can I just put this tooth on your dresser and get my dollar out of your coin jar?"

So ya had to spoil that little ritual too, huh, ETPQ? I think I'll send Megan over to your house to collect her tooth bounty from now on!


  1. ETPQ, LOL, you crack me up. I am sorry for your pain. But it did make me smile. thanks for that.

  2. There is just nothing I can say, I am laughing so hard. I can't tell you how easy it was, it just fell out in my hand. Truthfully, I think Megan felt really bad. She knew you wanted to pull it. And I hope you know I did not tell her about the tooth fairy thing. Still the whole thing is just so funny...I betrayed you while you were serving the church. I must truly be wicked for this to be so funny.
    Sincerly, ETPQ

  3. Feeling dumb.... What the heck is ETPQ??? :)

  4. That's very funny. I still don't understand needing help to pull out loose teeth, though.

  5. Jen - ETPQ = Evil Tooth Pulling Queen.

  6. To the ETPQ - yes, you are truly wicked. You shall be punished.

  7. Ha ha ha that thing about the tooth fairy is so funny! Especially since I remember wishing you would be faster too when I lost my teeth :) Miss Amidey didn't tell me that part though I was just smart I guess. One thing I still don't understand though, how in the world does the tooth fairy get the tooth out and put money in there without waking the kid up??

    One more thing: Um, since when do we get a whole entire DOLLAR??? I only ever got fifty cents! Injustice.

  8. It's called inflation. Candy bars only cost 35 cents each when you were seven.