Wednesday, June 18, 2008


See, now I'm feeling pressure. I've gone public, and people I don't even know are checking out this site, and one person on the poll even said that I am boring! GAH!

Actually that response on the poll made me laugh out loud, literally. I threw my head back on the couch and cackled for a good 10 seconds. The NERVE! Well, whatever. At least that person was honest. The rest of you are probably just saying nice things to be nice because you don't want to hurt my feelings.

And you know what? I've decided that it is okay to be boring sometimes. Cuz life is boring, sometimes. Actually, life is boring most of the time. The daily ins and outs of raising kids and paying bills and cooking dinner and carting people to swimming lessons and piano practicing and saxophone lessons and softball and physical therapy are BORING. That's why I almost never blog that stuff. It just happens and it doesn't seem newsworthy to me. What I'm wondering is when did this blog change from being a vehicle to preserve my personal and family history into something for the entertainment of the scant masses? I guess that happened when I started craving approval more than I wanted to preserve memories.

I must think on this. I need to decide who this blog is for: me, or you. And whether or not it can be both at the same time.


  1. Yes, life is boring! But, it is what we make of it. For the last 30 years, whenever some one asked me what I was up to, my answer was, “Just playing.”

    You see, if you play at your work, then work is fun. I always wake up happy, and everything I do is fun. Yea, some things aren’t as fun as other things, but when your playing you don’t notice.

    I was quite lucky though, I got to work at my hobbies most of my life. I loved mechanic work, and then I got to fly for a living. And there is like getting paid for something that is fun.

    Now is this boring enough? Or should I go on?

  2. Hey just blog for yourself. I actually loved your blog before it was ever public. People can take it or leave it, but it needs to mean something special for you. However I am still glad you made it public because it helps people like me feel happy and learn a lot of great things. Plus I always opt for your blog to send me follow up comments and I love getting 20 e-mails a day even if they are all comments meant for you. Am I a freak or what?

  3. Ooh Amidey you just gave me an idea for a blog post. Thanks! :P

    Yes Dad, I have always admired your cheerful outlook and wish that I had inherited that from you. It's too easy for me to look at the drudgery of things. Take a look at my current "Reality Check" pic in the right sidebar for a glimpse into my life.

    But yeah, I can take a spoonful of sugar and make a game out of cleaning up the kitchen. The third or fourth time in a day, though, it's harder to gild the lilly.

  4. But when you gild it, it is gilded!

  5. And as far as that reality pic, I can do that all by my self!

  6. I think you should blog for yourself then if "the public" doesn't like it, then can read some where else. :)

  7. To Dukdub: I love your philosophy! I am going to try to say that to myself everyday. "I'm just playing". Maybe I can trick my mind into doing my work more quickly.

  8. Margorie, trick your mind into doing your PLAY more quickly!

  9. Margorie, trick your mind into doing your PLAY more quickly!