Monday, June 2, 2008

Piled Higher and Deeper

In the summer of 2002 we sold our home in San Jose, California, and moved to Utah. My husband, a six-figure electrical engineer, had decided that he wanted a PhD. So back to BYU we came.

He spent five years working with the hardware in this box... produce this coolio poster. And also a thick hardbound book filled with some alien language that engineers speak. I've heard it referred to as "Higher Math". All I know is you have to have testosterone coursing through your veins to even have a chance at understanding it. Whatever. As long as it pays the bills, I don't care if they call it "SOQPSK".

In the fall of 2007 he finished his very large and very impressively titled dissertation in said alien language, and received his diploma for the December 2007 graduation. Because BYU does not hold commencement exercises in December, he elected to walk in the April Commencement. Actually he didn't really want to, but I persuaded him with the argument that it isn't every day that one earns a PhD. I wanted his kids to have a sense of closure. And I think he looks purty darn handsome in the Robes of the False Priesthood, if I do say so myself. Oh, baby.

And here he is, in all his Philosophical Glory:

The three stripes and the weensy little tassle, along with the huge blue hood on the back, indicate his rank as a Doctor of Philosophy. Purty speshul, huh?

Here's a full shot of the hood. Later I found out that he gets to keep the hood, just in case he attends another commencement someday. Cool. I think I'll store it with my wedding bouquet.

Tom's parents, Norm and Marj Nelson, made the trip to support Tom in his achievement.

As did my father, Arlon Hibbert. It was so nice to have them all come.

Then the kids each got a turn with dad's cool mortar board hat.

Karianne and Susan had a bit of trouble keeping the thing on.

So now the graduate school chapter is behind us. Way to go Tom!


  1. great pics. congrats tom! and the rest of the fam for making it through so brilliantly. hooray its over...right!

  2. What an amazing accomplishment!!! And what a great example for your kids and a blessing everyone will enjoy for a lifetime.