Friday, June 20, 2008


Sometime after her last dentist checkup, Megan lost her two front teeth last year. One of them was pulled out by her dad, and the other was pulled out by her dance teacher, Miss Amidey. She's been waiting for them to come in. And Waiting. And waiting. Santa disappointed her when he didn't bring them at Christmas. Her notes to the tooth fairy have apparently fallen on deaf ears (or would that be blind eyes?).

At last, one of the new "teethies" have erupted.

It actually peeped through a few days ago, and just like the rising moon, it's really moving fast now that it's up!

But that is not all, no no, that is not all! On the other side, she has another loose tooth! See?

Here's a video to demonstrate just how loose it is:

Miss Amidey?! Hello! She already got her turn pulling out a tooth! I come in a distant THIRD if that! I'm her MOTHER, for crying out loud! I gave this child life, nurtured her, kissed her boo boos, and PAY for her ding dong dance lessons for the love of Pete, and I don't even get considered for the tooth pulling honors?! There is no justice in this world, I'm telling you.


  1. None of my kids have ever had help getting teeth pulled out. My oldest worked his teeth loose because it bothered him to have a tooth that wiggled and my middle did the same to get the tooth fairy money. So this is very strange to me. :P

  2. Haha yeah for the most part I pulled my own teeth out I think. Cept one time my lamo neighbor got a wrench and said he was going to use it to pull it out when we got back from him picking us up from carpool and it scared me so bad that I tried to get away and I whacked my head on the seat in front of me and out it came. Earlier than it was supposed to though... It bled more that it should have. Stupid wrench.

  3. Oh my goodness Christina - That is too funny! I can almost see the scenario as it played out. Thanks for sharing that. :)

  4. Lisa, where do your kids get these amazing eyes??? They are mezmerizing!!! Hey that could be a good post!

  5. All I can do is laugh. ha ha ha ha ha!...uh sorry.

  6. I remember tying a string around one of my teeth and tying the other end to a door knob, and then, you know what's coming next, wait for some one to come thru the door!

    My wife would say, "Let me see that tooth", then she would get a finger nail under the edge, and pop it out so quick they never felt it. And she was able to fool them over and over.

  7. Oh, I'm in trouble. Check out my blog, the tooth pulling queen! Sorry Lisa.