Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another Nosy Poll

I used to plan meals in advance when my kids were younger. I would scan the grocery adds on Sunday and plan meals that incorporated the sale-items.

I wish I were still that organized and thrifty. These days, I have an alarm set for 4pm, and when it goes off, I decide what I'm in the mood for that I have ingredients on hand for, and make that. This method is stressful and somewhat boring, since my imagination has degraded with old age and my kids do not always share my moods.

Nutty teenager schedules and community sports programs interfere with the old fashioned sit down family dinner. Yet I still feel it is worthwhile to cook a wholesome meal and eat it together. Sometimes that doesn't happen until 8pm... but most days of the week it does happen, even if one child or another is absent.

I think my stress levels would go down and my enjoyment of cooking would go up if I would go back to planning in advance. Maybe this is the week it will happen.

So take the poll, and come here to share how you do things. I'm hoping to learn some new ideas and tricks for making meal management a more enjoyable part of my homemaking efforts.


  1. I voted in like 5 different areas, is that allowed? It depends on the time of year. During the dance year I have to be very well planned because when dance ends at six if I haven't planned its 5 buck pizza AGAIN! Summer is like,"dinner? Didn't I just clean up lunch? How do hot dogs sound again?".

  2. I voted today, but it would not axcept the vote. I guess men are not allowed in the kitchen. I tried sneeking in, but still no results. I then decided to heck with cooking, I'll just go to Wingers very day. Or maybe I'll go to Lisa's place and eat her bread. (And pull Megan's next tooth, Hee Hee).

  3. Meals are so hard for me. I am not good at cooking and always seem to be finishing up work and then look at the clock to find that it is already 5:30 and I haven't even thought of what to make for dinner. I keep wondering if crock-pot cooking would solve my pain. I mean the pain of my family! :)