Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Take the Poll!

I am getting back into blogging on a nearly daily basis, and I am curious about what my two dozen fans want to see on this blog. The poll is located on the right sidebar just below my picture. You can choose as many answers as you like. Feel free to comment here if you'd like to see topics that the poll doesn't cover. I don't expect it to be a complete or even a good list, because I just kinda threw it together off the top of my head because it's time to leave for swimming lessons and I haven't even changed out of my gardening clothes or brushed my hair or put makeup on yet!

Ok, maybe that was TMI. But you get my issue.

I would really like to know what y'all think. Or if you think. Ha ha. A little early morning humor there. C'mon, you can take a joke, cantcha?


  1. Of coarse you would be finished gardening early in the morning before it gets hot. Unlike myself who always waits till it is blazing hot and so, I just don't do it. You should blog constantly! I love your blog! My life is better for reading it.

  2. What about the chickens? I enjoy reading, seeing and watching the chickens.

    I enjoy reading your blog whenever I get the chance. Keep it up!

  3. Personally, I'd like to hear more about nuclear transmutation experiments as well as the structure and history of the song, "Amish Paradise."

  4. The chickens need feeding and watering first thing, and once I'm out there, I tend to stay and weed, etc. I'd rather sleep in, but those dumb birds get suicidal when they run out of food. So hey - it's not because of virtue that I get out and garden early.

  5. What made you decide to make it public? Just curious. You can write about anything and everything, I even enjoyed cleaning out your purse with you. :) Not much help huh?

  6. I agree with everyone, I love anything you write. And I am so happy you are back to posting all the time. Yay for summer. I would check all of the categories except NEVER STOP Blogging!

  7. Personal struggles, triumphs/failures.
    Family life, specially about you and your kids.
    More about me(just kidding)

    But here is a comment about the Fathers Day blog.

    About our chess games. When we started playing, I said I wouldn’t let her win. But each game she got better as she learned, and it got harder to beat her. Then she started beating me, and she went on to play her classmates. I think chess is a wonderful game for patients, plotting and forward thinking. I’ll be glad when and if I can play with my grand kids.

  8. I enjoy all your comments girl, so blog away! It is nice to be able to click on without logging in first. I do enjoy hearing your take on the dilemmas of life and some of the more spiritual things we have to deal with once in a while. But the everyday dealings with life are the best. Especially when accompanied by a photo or two. The vision of you tickling those cute little feet sticking out of Megan's blanket was too fun to contemplate! I like being able to keep up on your lives from afar!