Sunday, July 8, 2007

Stop the Ferris Wheel -- I want to get off!

I apologize to my fans for the lack of closure on the Yellowstone trip. I promise that I will get to it. Blogging has been shoved to the bottom of a very long list for the time being. I've continued to take pictures though, so once things calm down I'll try to catch up on our doings. I would post photos now, except that the computer on which the pics reside is currently out of commission. Not because of a hardware malfunction, but due to having been disassembled and moved out of the office to camp on my bedroom floor.

Right now, my every conscious moment is consumed with putting the house together after the flood. Friday a crew came to move furniture out of the family room and office to clear the way for the new laminate flooring for the basement to be installed on Monday. Yes, tomorrow! (July 9). Vinyl flooring for the torn up hall bathroom will also go in Monday. Carpet is scheduled to be installed in the living room and hall on Tuesday July 10. I am so excited. It is going to be beautiful. But a good sized chunk of my anticipation has nothing to do with the appearance of the affected rooms, and everything to do with getting an entertainment center and two large, heavy bookshelves OUT of the storage room, two desks, computers, and a filing cabinet OUT of Megan's bedroom, and stacks of books and other displaced items OUT of my bedroom.

Due to the congestion of "stuff" residing in my room, I rather violently stubbed my toe on a rogue computer case in the middle of the night last night, and although I tried to be quiet, my sobbings awakened my husband, who patted me and said, "I'm sorry", and then promptly fell back to sleep.

I am tired of not being able to find ANYTHING. I feel like the people at the end of the Book of Mormon, when their possessions became slippery. How did that prophecy go? "For ye shall lay down the scissors, and when ye come to use them again the next day, ye shall not find them, and great shall be the wailing and gnashing of teeth in thy house."

In other news, Karianne has been collecting donated household items from ward members in preparation for a fund-raiser yard sale to be held on July 14 (yes, this Saturday). So not only is my basement chaotic, but the kitchen and living room are occluded by plastic bags full of clothes that have been sorted and tagged, and piles of clothes awaiting the same. Thankfully Karianne finished the sorting of the clothes and now all that is left is to sort and tag the furniture and other items waiting in the garage. Happily for Karianne, she departs for girls' camp early Tuesday morning, so the remaining sorting and tagging will fall to her poor witless mother, who will be driven the rest of the way to insanity by Saturday morning.

One more week. One more week and then I'll be able to breathe again.