Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Knee update

On Tuesday I ditched my crutches. Six weeks has passed since surgery, and supposedly my knee is healed inside, and we've moved into the physical therapy phase.

It feels pretty good, and although my gait resembles a zombie-lurch more than walking, I'm happy to be able to get around without those pesky crutches. I'm back to gardening again, and it is actually enjoyable to hoe weeds. Who'da thunk it? My cat is happy that I am now able to carry her around as I lurch to and fro, except for when she decides she's had enough and digs her claws in my back to signal that she would like to be let down now, thank you very much.

My first day of PT was Tuesday. The therapist did an evaluation, asked a bunch of questions, and measured my range of motion. FTR, it was 20 degrees (at it's straightest) to 120 degrees. I know y'all don't give a flying fig about this stat, but I am recording this for my own reference.

So. The next step was to use an ultrasound machine to produce "deep heat" inside the joint. I didn't feel a thing. It reminded me of pregnancy, except there was no video monitor with a shrimp-like thing writhing on the screen. Then he put me on the stationary bike. After a couple of minutes of rocking back and forth, I was able to completely turn the pedals, despite some pressure and discomfort in the knee. After five minutes, it had loosened up nicely and I was pedaling fine. After a total of 10 minutes on the bike, he put some electrode things on my knee to help reduce swelling, along with the mother of all ice packs. And then I was done. Wha? I was a little disappointed - we were barely getting started!

Sheesh. And they billed the insurance company $300 for that. What a racket, huh?

I think the fancy schmancy machines really do make a difference though. I was able to bend my knee further than I could manage by myself at home. It was more swollen and tender Tuesday night, but felt ok Wed morning.

So thus begins 4-6 weeks of therapy 2-3 times per week. Let's get this party started!!!


  1. Didn’t Quasi Motto walk like that? I’m glad you are getting back to your routine without so much hassle.

  2. You are my hero!!! Way to have a "glass half full" mentality -- wait, did I just call you mental??? :)