Monday, June 16, 2008


Remember what gave me a headache last week?

This same neighbor family sat in front of us in church on Sunday, and at the end of Sacrament Meeting, the mother turned around and said with a smile, "We got our new baby." And I nodded graciously (because that's what bishops' wives do) and replied with a smile, "Yes, I heard her!"

The woman looked a bit puzzled, but we continued talking. Then she got an "ah ha" look in her eyes, and said, "Oh, did you mean the black chihuahua? That was my father in law's dog. She was just visiting. I really HATE yapyap dogs."

My smile suddenly became much more sincere and she promised to bring the new puppy over after church. It is a maltese-shitsu mix, six weeks old, and adorable as can be. And to my delight, it doesn't bark!

Life is good again.

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  1. Congratulations! That is a huge relief! I am not a fan of yappy dogs either. Or huge dogs that bark that enormous bark and you feel like you are dripping with their slobber. I guess I am a cat lady.