Saturday, June 14, 2008

What's In Your Purse?

So I started this blog as a journaling tool. Obviously I'm not going to use it to plumb the depths of my soul like I might if it were for my eyes only, but rather to record some of the things about daily life that I'm sure to forget if I don't write them down.

And yet daily life can be so.... daily. Boring, even. After all, there are only so many creative ways to write about washing dishes and laundry. I hesitate to chronicle some things because I don't want to embarrass my teenagers by throwing our conversations out in public, thus causing them to lose trust in me and never tell me anything ever again.

So... what to blog about today? In reading another blog, I ran across the silly idea of emptying out and listing everything that is in my purse. The idea struck me as funny. You may choose to list the contents of your own purse in the comments, or ask questions about the contents of mine, because heaven knows I am soooo interesting. So here goes:

1 Franklin Planner: my lifeblood and brain. I use this as my wallet/checkbook holder as well. It contains my driver's license, various bank account cards for the kids, 1 credit card, 1 debit card, Library card, Blockbuster Card, Hollywood Video Card, Domino's Fund Raiser card, a Land's End Gift Card, my Auto insurance information card, and orthodontist appointment reminder cards, as well as a bit of cash and latest receipts detailing the obscene amount of money I spent last week. Oh and also a pen and a mechanical pencil.
1 Macey's receipt
1 Ziploc sandwich bag, containing $1.90 cash.
1 Sunglass holder, with sunglasses and reading glasses in residence.
1 Pack of Wrigley's Doublemint Gum, with 11 sticks left.
1 Mini paperback Book of Mormon
1 Tampax Super-Plus Tampon, sans wrapper
1 Chapstick, regular flavor
1 Smith's Fresh Values Card
1 512 MB Flash Drive that I never ever use, but it's a cool thing to have!
1 mini LED flashlight with "Microwave Innovations" printed on the side (tom brought this home from one of his many trade show trips).
3 crumpled gum wrappers
1 folded orange 3x5 index card, blank
2 US Military Pins (US Navy and US Marine Corps) that I purchased as souvenirs when in Washington DC, with every intention of giving them to Nathan. Obviously, I never did.

Okay, I think I probably have the most boring purse on the planet. Your turn.


  1. The crumpled gum wrappers indicate that you don't liter. Yea!!

  2. That reminds me of when I was babysitting the other day. We went to the playground, and the little boy I was babysitting was playing, of course, but the little girl preferred to sit and empty out my purse and ask me about everything in there. and look at my glasses, and then she had to clean them with the cleaning cloth, of course. and there just happened to be a mini little bottle of bubbles in there. So then we had to blow bubbles. :) my purse has all sorts of random things in it.

  3. The question is, when you saw there were three gum wrappers did you throw them away or just put them back in the purse? What's up with the baggie of money?

  4. I threw them away.

    Oh- the baggie was gas money given to Karianne by her friend Aubrynn, in return for picking her up for tennis. She was going to give it to her dad, but I glommed onto it. :D

  5. Putting the gum wrappers back in the purse, naw. But she used to vacuum the floor, and if it wouldn't pick up a string, she would ball it up and then throw it back down to be vacuumed again. You had a name for that, Lisa. Tell us.

  6. do you mind if I copy you? I am running out of things to talk about after all

  7. Haha yeah I think I will copy you too sometime :) although I already have PLENTY of stuff to write about... I'm super behind.

  8. You're supposed to list the contents of your purse here, in the comments.

    But yeah, you can use this idea on your blogs if you want.