Friday, August 22, 2008

I Give Up -- Now with Video!!

This is yet another post about Megan and her teeth. The first one was a gem - a video of what happens when the dentist uses a little too much anesthetic for fillings.

Megan is in that stage of life when teeth become loose and fall out, making way for larger permanent teeth. She has lost several teeth now, and I have yet to pull one out. Her dad has pulled one or two, our friend Amidey has pulled two, and I have pulled none. That's right, A BIG FAT ZERO.

You've heard this story before. Twice. I bet you can't guess how this one ends.

So another tooth got loose. Megan worked on wiggling it. I worked on wiggling it until her eyes got wide and she pulled away and covered her mouth "ow, mom!" This went on for over a week.

Then the Evil Tooth Pulling Queen came to visit. And I set aside my maternal pride and asked Her Highness to just pull the stupid tooth already. (I was secretly hoping she would fail.)

She had it out in about 5 seconds.

And now I shall bow before the most high goddess of tooth removal. I am not worthy!


  1. Ya baby! Haaaaay, hooooo, EPTQ is in the house!

    Dude, didn't we video that? What happened to that? Did it not take very well?

  2. Sorry Lisa for your pain. That is just not fair. Perhaps you should charge the EPTQ for the chance to practice her dental skills on your child. Just a thought. Cold hard cach always eases my pain.