Thursday, August 21, 2008


The flow of creativity is an enigma to me. Why is it that some days I have lots of ideas for blogging, and the words just come, spilling out from my fingers onto the screen almost too fast to type, and other times I'll start a post and it just doesn't work and I end up shelving it and eventually just deleting it because it's BORING, even to me. Sometimes I just don't have the energy to spin the mundane events of my life into something funny or at least interesting. Why is that?

Obviously life events provide fodder for blogging. And I'm having "stuff" happen. But I just don't feel like blogging about it. I have no idea why.

I'm sure this too shall pass. Never fear, my dear friends... I'll remember how to think and write again soon. In the meantime, why don't you help me out by telling me what you want to hear about? Except for the cockamamie waxing idea a few people jumped on last week. I am so not doing that.

How egotistical is that - my assumption that anyone wants to know what I'm thinking or what's happening to me? Sure sure - that will unleash a compliment frenzy which is NOT why I said it. I'm just typing randomly and letting everything I think come right out. Okay, not everything; if I did that you'd all be so shocked that you'd never come back. Or maybe you would, kind of like how you can't stop staring at the carnage of a burning vehicle on the side of the road. It's disturbing, but riveting. And you'd tell all your friends -- "hey you've just got to go see this blog. The woman is seriously disturbed, but it'll make you feel good about yourself!"

I'm not even going to go back and proofread this post before I publish. Will I regret it? Will I humiliate myself beyond repair when everyone finds out that I actually do not compost coherent sentences off the top of my head and that when I drop the over-educated facade that in reality I think and speak in run-on fragments with abominable grammar even if I do know how to spell big words? No matter. Maybe you'll even like me better, right? Kind of like when you idolize some person who is so put together and intimidating and then drop in for an unannounced visit to find that they're a terrible housekeeper? Yeah - that would be me. I'm like a duck paddling furiously beneath the surface of the water, but all you see is the calm composed me floating along serenely. I think moast people are like that, really. Or maybe I'm the only one, and now you all know my pathetic secret. Whatever it is. If you figure it out, will you please let me know?

So - I don't want to see any comments about how wonderful you think I am because you felt alarmed reading this post and wonder if maybe I'm feeling down and need a boost or a pep talk, because that's not it at all. I feel great! I'm HAPPY! Really! I just have nothing to blog about -- so if you want to comment, do me a favor and feed me some ideas. The alternative, of course, is to say nothing, and then I'll know for sure that I've shocked you all beyond words.


  1. I want a chicken update. And an update for your kitchen redo plans. And maybe an embarassing dating story from your youth. What's your take on those Chinese gymnasts pretending to be 16? What's the weirdest dream you can ever remember having? How's the garden doing? What's it like being interviewed by the new Bishop?

    You must keep me from getting so bored online that I contemplate creating my own blog. That would be awful.

  2. Oh, and you seem sad, are you sure you're not depressed?


  3. Hiccups has GREAT ideas. I was also thinking about school starting, harvesting the garden, why you love gardening and yard work, your favorite book and why, your favorite tv show and why, did you always know you were going to have 4 children, how did you know you were "done", what is it like to have only one boy, what is one tradition in your family that you hope each of your children pass on and it can't be a spiritual thing :), if you had $1000 and one day with nothing in it, what would you do?

    Hows that for some ideas? :)

  4. See this is great :) I finally ended up posting myself about apostrophies - hey, I was out of ideas and I saw a post that answered a HUGE Question for me (Is it Girl's Camp or Girls' Camp?)

    Of course now I've thought of a couple more posts -

    Of course... I can never do any of the cute dialoge posts.... I forget who said what and when by the time I start to write!

    So I'm not much help, just commiserating. I do like the idea about the chickens though :)

  5. Psh I can give you guys an accurate update on the chickens lol

    they eat food, poop, eat our blackberries, run around like lunatics, and cluck alot. you know, the usual haha :)

  6. Of all the typos I am thrilled to know that you compost your sentences at all. How does that work exactly? I want to hear more about your family. All the ideas above are fabulous as well. I am still harping on the eyebrow wax. I know a lady right around the corner who will do it for 6 bucks. I'll even pay! FORKS!!! Hello!!! I still want to hear about that. Clean out your storage room and blog that. Two tasks for the price of one...although that is a HUGE task. Okay, clean out your pantry...I'll help. Okay I am having the same struggle so maybe I am the wrong person to ask. Post about your lame washing know, in the moment. Just try not to have too much trepidation over the whole thing. (Did I use the word of the day correctly?)

  7. Yea, I noticed that composting sentences also Amidey. I never talk about other peoples spelling tho.....

    So do I comment or do I not comment? that is the question. If I comment, then it needs to positive feedback. If I don't comment, then she'll think...what?

    But I also want to know about the chickens. Yea I know they eat and poop and cluck, Susan, but are they laying yet?

    And tell us about the aftermath if the screem....piercing. (piercing ear spitting screeming)

    When does school start, tell us about the shopping.

    There!!! That's my share!

  8. Compost. Sheesh. See what happens when I don't proofread and edit? Here I am, baring my soul. It's bad enough to have a friend point out the mistake, but to have my OWN FATHER jump in too?! Humph.

    (Just kidding dad! :wave:)

    Okay, some people seriously need to get out more. I find it hard to believe that anyone wants to know that much about me. It's all just shameless flattery. What are you people, masochistic sycophants? I could compost a big long FAQ-type post to give brief answers to all those questions. Or I could take each request and make its own post and I'll be writing until Christmas. Which do you want?


  10. I want to know how your knee is doing? I also want to know how you plan to spend the first day of school. Last year I went to lunch with a friend, this year I think I am having friends over to watch Mrs ?? lives for a day. Just one more week till I get my life back.:)

  11. Call me crazy - I have chickens in my family tree - well.... sort of :) So I like hearing other people's chicken stories :) It brings back good memories.

  12. Just a warning - I rented the slutty movie "Mrs ? lives for a day" and don't recomend it. Amy Adams was so so cute in Enchanted that I hated seeing her whoring around to try to get to the top and not able to help herself.