Saturday, August 9, 2008

Castle Valley Pageant: A Must See!

Tom has ancestors among the original settlers of Castle Valley, Emery County, Utah. On a Bi-Annual basis, the Castle Valley Pageant tells the story of the settling of the valley. We've always wanted to go, but somehow each year our plans were pre-empted by other, more pressing matters.

This was the year. Our children were buttheads and didn't want to go, so we left their sorry selves at home and made a date of it. We drove for two hours, most of that through copious rain and a alarming quantity of lightning. Like a miracle, as we approached the outdoor amphitheatre nestled in the hills west of Huntington, the skies cleared and the rain fell behind us. It was a beautiful night for a pageant.

It's a great show that far exceeded my expectations. I laughed, I cried, and I want to go again. Alas, tonight is the last production for two years. If you live in Utah and are at all inclined to make the drive, I highly recommend it.

Tom was in fine form last night. During a scene that included a re-enactment of a portion of the Book of Mormon, Jehovah is speaking to the prophet Nephi. The voice actor was an older gentleman with a strong old time Utah accent. "Lift up yerr head and be of good cheerrr; for bihold, thuh tahm is at hand, and on this naht shall thuh sign be given, and on thuh morrow come I into the werrld, to show unto the werrld that I will fulfil all that which I have caused to be spoken by the mouth of mah holy prophets." (3 Nephi 1:13)

Tom leaned over to me as I took a pull on my water bottle. I tilted my head as his sweet breath tickled my ear.

"I guess I never thought about it before, but I didn't know that God had an Emery County accent."

He leaned back and flashed his brilliant grin as I snorted water out my nose. He waited until my coughing fit subsided and then leaned in again.

"But hey, what do I know?"

I think I'll keep that guy around a little longer. I like to laugh. Laughing is my favorite.


  1. That really sounds like a wonderful experience. I wanna go! You and Tom make me lol.

  2. I am shocked, yes shocked, that my kids are not the only kids to decline such exciting type outings. What is wrong with kids these days?

  3. You had plans, remember? Plus you were sick when we were deciding what to do so we left you out of the pageant discussion. I think it was Nathan and Megan that said nowayimnotgoinganywheretoseeastupidpioneerplay.

    Or something like that.

  4. I would have come with you but you know how I value my sleep these days. Darn band camp.....

    plus it would have been worth it to go just so I didn't have to deal with megan at bed time. She cried for mommy for like a whole hour after I made her stay in bed.

    and also when pat said "what is wrong with kids these days" that song started playing through my head. you know, the one? "why can't they be like we were, perfect in every way? what's the matter with kids today!" Is it from Annie? I can't remember which musical it is.

  5. I'm glad you had a good time Lisa & Tom. Dates with your honey are wonderful!!!!

  6. yeah I meant I don't get the Emery County accent thing. But that is okay.

    Also sorry I ditched you Susan. Sorry Megan is such a BABY. Geez.

  7. Oh - the Emery County accent is rural Utahrd speech at its best. Harrrrrd R's. Think of words like "Warsh" (wash) and "Ah" (I). A person with a Emery County accent sounds like a country hick... because they are one.

    I guess you had to be there.

    *goes back to adjust the story so that uninformed peeps will have a better chance of getting the joke*

  8. So fun. Can I say how much I love to get that fluttering heart pitter-patter still after 18.5 years of marriage?!?!?! It is so cool! And Dave's mom said that she still gets it with her sweet heart of almost 50 years! My parents divorced after 17 years after YEARS worth of not liking each other at all so I had no idea that this was possible! It is so cool!!!

  9. Um, I got the Emery County accent thing, and I laughed hard. So I think my dear Annie was just having an off day or something.

  10. Okay - Joel is from Emery County, born and raised - and it's really THAT funny!! Luckily he escaped with no twang! Hooray! But, for a rip roarin' good laugh at Country Bumpkin's bein' spiritual - go to the Manti Temple. It's a live session. The "actors" are local. Satan is a turkey farmer from Mt. Pleasant, it's hysterical. (I guess Mt. Pleasant is technically NOT Emery County... however the accent is the same!)

  11. "Satan is a turkey farmer from Mt. Pleasant."

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! That kinda ruins old Scratch's image, don't it? I don't care who you are -- that is FUNNY!

    Actually I have been to the Manti temple a couple of times soI know exactly what you mean! Good times!