Sunday, August 31, 2008


So yesterday afternoon I walked into the kitchen, and my 14-year old was doing the dishes. It thrilled me that she was doing her job without me having to remind her. And then I realized something that propelled my already happy heart into the stratosphere: dishes were not her responsibility this week. She did them just because she noticed that they needed doing.

Surely this dream is too good to be true... but please, please don't wake me up!

Thanks, Susan! You RAWK.


  1. I love it when the kids do things unasked. It gives me warm fuzzies. My goal for my kids is to not have driven all the toddler-age helpfulness out of them by the time they are teens. :D

  2. Oh!!! That is a payday!!! I wish my kids would do that. Gabie will some times and Reed is always willing to help but can't see it yet. I have hopes though. :)

  3. Some morning you will wake to find her missing, I will have driven 12 hrs to steal her from you. My only paydays are the rare meals when some small people say thanks Mom, instead of "ooh yuck what is it?" Actually, Michael gets himself up and off to school with no help or reminding from me. There were years that this did not seam to be in my future.