Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just in case you missed it...

Sometimes I blog about events in the life of my family. Once in awhile I post silly links to websites or videos that I find entertaining. Occasionally I post recipes. Once a week or so, a vitally important poll question. And then there are the posts where I write about things I'm thinking about - questions, theories, or personal issues that I'd enjoy a little input on. The only time I care about comments are on the last kind. Okay, that's a baldface lie - I hope for comments on every post, but more especially on the posts that are meaningful to me. I love a good discussion, and although I make noise on the sidebar about only wanting comments and emails that agree with me, I really want the truth from you. I do. Truly. Just try to be nice about it, ok?

A couple of times there has been a most interesting comment, and I've replied to it asking for more clarification, and then the thread dies right there, because the person who made the original comment never comes back to check the post again and therefore never answers my question and deprives me of added knowledge and wisdom. This grieves me. Deeply.

So, this post is a little "how-to" about making comments on blogger: when you click on the comment link and it takes you to the little pop-up screen and you type in your sage words that will change my life, if you are signed into your google account, you have the option, should you choose to accept it, to click on the little checkbox that says "Email follow-up comments to youremail@gmail.com". Then, any subsequent comments by anyone will be emailed directly to you, so when I reply and ask a very important question that only you can answer, you will know it and YOU WILL COMMENT AGAIN so that the thread can live on!

If you don't have a google account, you cannot use this feature. You must repent speedily and we will gladly welcome you into the fold.

Of course, if you are one of those compulsive reader types that checks in here several times a day because you just can't stay away (you know who you are), obviously you don't need email comment forwards. So just pretend you didn't read this.

Thank you.


  1. That theme song scares me just a little bit. Actually I think it scares me a lot.

  2. How can that song be scary? It's a classic. :D

  3. I found the song. That goes back about 40 years!

  4. I love the theme song - I think I scared my children one night though by acting a little that way though ;) The padded room sounded really good!