Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Wimp am I

So in the pursuit of a stronger leg, better fitness, and other related benefits, I trekked up to the Mighty Reservoir to do a little swimming this afternoon.

The. Water. Is. Freaking. Cold!

That is all.


  1. Why do you call yourself a wimp?
    Did the leg get stronger? The cold water should help the swelling! How far is the reservoir?

  2. If you had seen me inching into the water squealing with each step, you'd have called me a wimp, too. :P

    The swimming felt good. The reservoir is just east of town - about four miles. It's just a tiny one, maybe 150 yards on each side. It provides pressure for our irrigation water. It also has fish poop in it.

  3. Did you walk or ride your bike up there or drive. If you drove and you are talking about the trek from the parking lot to the actual water I might have to agree that you are a wimp. However, anyone who can bare to swim in fish poop is a stronger woman than me!

  4. I heard you offer your kids money if they jumped in the lake without testing the water. Next time I will give you $30!!!! A trip to La Casita!!!

  5. Amidey - no I am not talking about the walk from the parking lot to the water. I am talking about the process of wading into forty-freaking-degree water! Actually there were no floaties in the water that I noticed... it was very clear and green.

    dad - don't tempt me with money. I might just take you up on it! :D

  6. I have never seen fish poop in water. I don't even know what fish poop looks like.