Monday, July 21, 2008

Everyday Heroes

So this morning was busy...

Have you ever noticed that I like to begin sentences with the word "so"? I think it is some lazy teenager-ish thing I picked up from somewhere. I really can compose coherent sentences that don't begin with "so" or "and". But this is a blog, not a dissertation. And you keep reading, so I guess it isn't offending you too awfully bad.


We had four phases of departure this morning: Karianne to the stake center at 6:15 to go to girls' camp as a YCL; Susan to the church at 7:15 to travel to girls' camp with the ward; the pickup truck to the shop at 8:00 for it's 90,000 maintenance that had been put off for 10,0000 miles too long; and Nathan and Megan off to clogging at 9:45.

Everything went smoothly until I got in the pickup. I turned the key and. . . nothing. Not even a buzzing sound. I immediately sent a prayer of gratitude heavenward for this most ironic of coincidences -- the truck battery was dead on the very morning it was going to the shop! Ya gotta love God's sense of humor.

But I remained calm. I have jumped many a dead battery in my ever-lengthening life. I got the van in position facing the truck, popped the hoods, and connected the jumper cables. Still nothing. Just then my neighbor, Theus, drove up and stopped next to me.

"Dead battery?"


"Lemme go get my super manly uber powerful battery cables and I'll connect them to my great big testosterone filled battery on this here diesel truck and we'll have you going in no time!"

Okay, well, maybe that's not an exact quote.

Momentarily, my other neighbor and Theus' business partner, Kelly, drove up in his super quad cab diesel pickup, and hooked up the beefy jumper cables. I got in and turned the key. Still nothing. He revved the engine for a few minutes. Nope. He got out of his truck, and scratched his head.

"Is it a stick?"

"Yeah. You think we can jump it?"

"Yeah. I got me three big boys right here to push you."

So he whistled and indeed, three big strapping teenage boys got out of his super cab and smiled at me. I got in behind the wheel, and they pushed me down the street. I popped the clutch three times, but it just wouldn't take.

Then Kelly pulled up in front of me, and got out with a tow rope. "I'll pull ya down to the shop."

Now if you've never been towed on a nice short rope without power brake assist, you have missed out on an exciting experience. I was terrified I was going to crash into the back end of his big fancy truck.

I don't know about you, but a 10 foot following distance makes me just a teensy tiny bit nervous.

We made it to the shop without incident, and Kelly and the boys got my little wimpy pickup in a parking spot. I had my bike in the bed of my truck with plans to get a little exercise on the way back home, but Kelly wouldn't hear of it. Ignoring my protests, he snatched my bike out of the back with one brawny arm and fairly tossed it in the bed of his behemoth, then gave me a lift back home. Never mind that he and his crew were on their way to Provo to work on a home construction/remodel job and had already spent the better part of an hour rescuing me. He said he enjoyed helping me. And I think he really meant it.

So while I hate being helpless and needy, I am very glad for neighbors like these. They made what would have been a big hairy stressful deal into a pleasantly mild inconvenience.

Thanks guys!


  1. this post made me smile, thanks lisa

  2. So how the heck did you get pictures during all of this??? :)

  3. Haha so does Karianne have any idea of the peril of her beloved solar oven?

  4. Jen, camera phone.

    Chris - no, she's off at girl's camp. But she did know the battery was having trouble.

    Oh - and the shop called. The battery cables are melted. MELTED. The starter is shot. It will take a week to get the parts in. And it will cost $$$ just to get the ignition/battery/starter system repaired. And that's not even what I took it in there for!

    Donations will be accepted in the lobby.