Saturday, July 19, 2008

Restaurant Review: La Casita

La Casita in Springville, Utah, is my mostest favoritest Mexican restaurant ever. When we are hankering for some good mexican food, we never go anywhere else. We discovered it when we were poor newly married college students back in the 90's, and it hasn't changed a bit since then. Crowded, hole-in-the-wall atmosphere, low prices, and guuuuuud foooooood.

Located at 333 North Main Street (Hwy 89) in Springville, La Casita isn't the place you take your new prissy girlfriend if you want to impress her with a fancy restaurant. Because prissy types won't be impressed with this place. No, if you go to La Casita, you go to eat. And eat you will.

It's a tiny little rundown yellow building with tacky blue neon sign out front. See that patch of green lawn at the base of the power pole? That's astroturf.

The dingy, cramped foyer is wallpapered with ancient Polaroid pictures of customers.

The windowsills look like they've got several dozen coats of paint on them.The host/owner is a loud, brash Mexican Catholic fellow who tells his friends to "get out and give me all your money" when they're halfway through eating. His daughters take your order and bring you the food.

The food. Oh, the wonderful, amazing food.

When you are seated, the little old lady who barely speaks English brings you their freshly made tortilla chips and house Salsa. Lawsie mercy, but those chips are good. Warm, thin, and crispy. Mm-Mmmmm. If all I did was eat those chips I would be satisfied.

I chose my usual meal, menu item #37: Two pork enchiladas verde, with beans and rice on the side.

That green sauce, mixed with the rice and cheese is to die for. Usually I can eat only half. And then I am thrilled to get to take the rest home and eat it again for lunch the next day.

Tom had the beef chimichanga. Marvelous.

Studly man that he is, he finished his whole plate, except for some rice and beans. Which I put in my box. Food this good must not go to waste you understand. It must go to my waist instead.

And now for the Bottom Line: Our two entrees and 7-Ups totaled to a paltry $31.99 and that's including the tip, folks.

La Casita. Take your non-prissy honey there soon.


  1. Yum! I want to go right now! My question is, did you ask before photographing the other customers or was ther just a quick flash and you looked around like,"flash? flash? I didn't see any flash.".

  2. Ok.... We are really kindred spirits. Dave found La Casita in the 80's as a poor BYU student and then took me when we were dating in '89. To say the food is good, Lisa, is an understatement. I have dreamt about it and just now, my mouth is watering for the taquitos. Yummy!!! When Chris was a baby we always went there and she enjoyed the Mexican Hot Dog which is really just a hot dog rolled in a flour tortilla and fried but hey, they are the only mexican restaurant around that actually has something for kids. NICE!!! I love it when the owner (his name is escaping me now) yells at the customers, "Get out you gringos!!! I have paying customers out here!!!" You gotta love him! Unfortunately the La Casita Dose in Orem is not nearly as good. Yes, it is sad to say. :) Good thing the yummy one is close to us!!! :)

  3. Have you ever tried Joe Bandito's? It is sort of the same and my mom loves it.

  4. Nope Aubrynn... in my universe there is only ONE Mexican restaurant. And to name another on my blog is blasphemy! Your heresy shall be dealt with swiftly...

  5. ha ha ha also MOVE MEXICAN! and yes I love this food I always crave it no matter what day it is. But I only get it on my birthday...

  6. Those dishes are alive, the have black eyes surouded by white eye balls!

  7. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm Good. I love that place so so so so so so so so so much. Mmmmmm. I think I might need to say it again. MMMM. Also that awesome owner man said move it Mexican to me :) And btw I don't look like a Mexican AT ALL for those who don't know me...

  8. The owner is named Luis. Just in case you were wondering since no one seemed to know.