Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Slip of the Tongue

So last week when I went to the reservoir to swim in the frigid water, I had a little trouble finding the access road that leads up through the foothills. It really isn't that complicated, and I've been there plenty of times, so you'd think I could find the road, right? I had it in my head somehow that the turnoff was before a certain tree-lined bridge, so when we reached the bridge and I hadn't seen the road, I was perplexed.

Me: "Wha? Huh... I thought we would have gotten to the turn by now."

Nathan: "Maybe you missed it."

Me: "Ya think?"

I pulled over to the shoulder, let a couple of cars pass, and did a U-turn back the way we'd come.

Me: "I still didn't see it. And I know that it isn't this far north. Look, we're to the golf course already!"

I pulled another U-turn to head south again.

Megan (pointing left): "Turn there, mommy!"

Me: "No, that's not it. It looks similar and it goes the right direction, but there's no sign. At the real turn, there is a big sign." I think.

We reached the bridge. Again. Another U-Turn.

Again we approached the same road Megan had suggested

Nathan: "Are you sure this isn't the road?"

Me: "I could have sworn it wasn't, but I guess we'll try it. I was just up here last night -- you'd think I'd remember how to get there!"

Moments later, as we putted up the road into a subdivision of condos, I was sure it was the wrong road. I pulled another U-turn and headed back down the hill.

Me: "I can't believe this! Why the HELL can't I find the stupid road today!!"


I thought "heck." I really did. "Heck" was what I planned to say. So I was just as surprised as the kids when that other forbidden word broke forth from my frothed lips. Great, I thought. I've just given tacit permission for my kids to use the H-word. They're squeamish just reading it out of the scriptures, the vocabulary in our house is so pure. Normally. Ahem.

Me: "Sorry guys."


Don't tell my bishop.


  1. Lisa, I remember an out burst of anger and swearing in front of you when you were about 10, when the chain saw wouldn't start. I was trying to cut down the old weeping willow in the back yard.

    So blame it on me, and explain to your kids that you learned it from your father.

  2. I love that your kids were just silent. No lecture, no crying. Hopefully they will just see that you are human. And to end your story, I believe Megan was right. That is the road to the Res.

  3. Maybe I'm just a heathen, but that barely blips on my radar of things to worry about with my kids. :P

  4. I did the same thing a week ago. My nerves were fried. I was exhausted from just hosting a huge family reunion for 32 people at my house. I was worn from balancing all the emotions invovled with a reunion and I swore over something that really didn't warrant it. Unfortunately, Gabie was standing by and said, "Why did you say THAT?" It felt horrible to try to explain it and then ask for an apology. I vowed to do better next time. :)