Friday, July 11, 2008

Mother of Eight

Yes, starting at 4:15pm Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, I have temporary custody of my two neices and two nephews, bringing the total number of children I am responsible for to eight.

This evening was easier than I thought it would be, because three of my own children accompanied me to my BIL's house, and proceeded to entertain and otherwise keep the four little kids engaged. Tom brought Dominos for dinner. Bedtime went pretty smoothly, except for a few teary eyed moments when Neice #1 did a belly flop off the top bunkbed. Thankfully, no serious injuries were sustained, stories were read, teeth were brushed, and prayers were said, and the girls have only gotten out of bed four times since then.

I guess I'd better go to bed myself... the boys wake up at 7am.

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  1. Also now it's over lucky for you! I actually really like taking care of those kids because they are freaking hilarious :). But then I don't have to get up with them in the night so obviously it doesn't make me as tired.