Thursday, July 17, 2008

Neurosis of the Week: Hot Sauce

I have a confession to make. I like Taco Bell. And not everything at Taco Bell. I only like the bean burritos at Taco Bell. Just plain ole' bean burrito with onion, cheese, and HOT SAUCE. I really like Taco Bell hot sauce. Really.

And everytime I go to Taco Bell, I ask for a few extra packets of hot sauce. And I take them home and put them in a drawer in my kitchen, for use when I make soft tacos at home. Because I really like this sauce.

Have I mentioned that I really like Taco Bell Hot Sauce? Because I do. I have 57 packets of Taco Bell hot sauce. Do you think that's enough? Yikes. I think we'd better stay home from Taco Bell and make burritos at home (with this sauce) for a little while, don't you?


  1. haha yeah whenever we go to taco bell it seems like we grab like ten... but i love bean burritos too. I have never ordered anything else there.

  2. I know you love the red sauce, but have you ever tried the green? That was my favorite way to get burritos there. Bean burrito, no onions, with the green sauce. I do like the red sauce on tacos, though.

    FYI, those sauce packets actually reproduce, that's your trouble.

  3. They reproduce!? Gah! Don't tell me that!

    And I never knew Taco Bell had green sauce. How did I miss out on this? But I agree that green sauce is a wonderful thing. We have a favorite little hole-in-the-wall mexican restaurant near us and I always get their pork enchiladas verde. Oh, Baby. I think I might need some tonight, actually.