Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Why I dress like I do.

Yes, it's true. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I don't dress up often. As a wannabe farmer, I tend to slouch around in overalls or jeans and t-shirts.

I think I have discovered why that is.

Because I am a klutz. I am constantly spilling, slurping, sloshing, dripping or otherwise getting stuff on me! When I'm wearing a 2002 Old Navy shirt, it doesn't matter. But when I've just put on my best sage green jeans and a nice-ish button down multicolored cotton shirt in preparation to go to town, it causes me no end of annoyance when the cream from my bowl of strawberries and cream sloshes out onto my just snatched from the dryer jeans! Do I need to wear an apron to eat my breakfast, for crying out loud?

It's enough to make a girl swear. But I didn't, because I'm feeling particularly virtuous today. Granted, it's only 9:15 am, but hey, I gotta take any credit I can come by.

This is a serious issue for me (the stained clothes thing, not the swearing thing). Last spring I bought several new blouses on sale for summer - they were casual but definitely a step up from t-shirts. And within two weeks, every single one of them had a stain of some sort. Every. Single. One.

I feel like I should just put a hazmat suit on before I leave the bedroom. Does anyone else have this problem?


  1. No. No one else on the enitre earth has this problem. It is just you. Wow, don't you look silly. Just kidding. You just have to slouch suuuuuuuper far over when you eat. Stick your face right in the bowl, then you will have a clean shirt and look like a real least that's what works for me.

  2. The question I have for you is how did the old navy t-shirt from 2002 survive? Six years, no stain?

  3. Oh it is stained. Very. Hello!! I've been wearing it for six years! It helps that it's navy blue in color.

  4. I suggest just poking neck and arm holes in a large hefty bag. Especially when my kids were babies and in the spit up stage, I thought this would be appropriate.

  5. The way I deal with this is 3-fold. 1) Only buy clothes that are on clearance, so it feels like less of a loss. 2) Treat any stains as soon as I notice them, even if that means changing clothes twice in a day. 3) Take comfort in the fact that this tendancy towards stains makes me a real woman as opposed to a prissy one.

    Oh, and I just remembered another one! Wear an apron while I'm cooking and "forget" to take it off when I sit down to eat.

  6. Stainlifter ALL - the laundry detergent. I have this problem too and apparently it is hareditary because my kids do too. A friend of mine told me about this stuff. She uses it so she doesn't have to spot treat every piece of clothing she takes of her kids, anyway, I have been using it for over a month now and am totally impressed. I still treat some of the really bad spots, but just because I am paranoid. :) It is pretty cheap too, so that is a nice bonus.

  7. Oxyclean is my life saver!!! A scoop or two in each load and pre-treating if and when I find more serious problems helps a ton! It can some times take out old stains too.