Sunday, July 27, 2008

Overheard at the Family Reunion

Teenage Cousins halfway through the process of making a family favorite dessert in the kitchen:

Susan: Here are the measuring cups!

Michael: Oh, that will make it easier!

A few minutes later...

Michael: So how much milk did you put in?

Susan: The right amount, of course!


  1. Lisa, was it chocolate eclair dessert? Susan should charge Michael for the lessons in never questioning his wifes cooking ability. And Susan, you are a wise woman.

  2. They were making Turtle Cookies. they were very smart this time in that they did not make the frosting until all the cookies had been cooked, thereby giving the cooks themselves equal chance of getting to eat the yummy treats.

  3. uh, actually, that was the original plan, but it didn't come to pass that way. You see, all of us who were 'helping' make the cookies wanted to eat the ones that first came off the grill so bad that I somehow ended up selling my soul to waffle iron duty for the next half hour, just so I could have one of those precious firstlings with fresh frosting that aunt Jen made before it was planned that frosting would appear. Oh well...

  4. haha that was fun making those cookies. and it is true that I made karianne do most of the cooking part. sorry sista! they were really good cookies though.