Thursday, July 10, 2008

How to stay up to date on my sad sad life

Have you ever wished you could know if there's a new post here without having to actually go through the complicated process of coming all the way over here to check? Okay, don't answer that. I don't think my fragile ego can handle the truth.

But just in case you did wish that, it is now possible! I've added a new little feature on the right sidebar that allows you to be notified of the newest posts by way of one of several subscription methods. Imagine: not having to waste five seconds coming all the way over here to see if there's a new batch of navel gazing available for your consumption. In less than one second, you can check for updates on your homepage or bookmark toolbar link! That gives you an extra four seconds to pick your nose instead!

What did we ever do with our time before the internet made everything so efficient?


Amidey (aka Crazy Lady) said...

Still a bit confused. You know I am a bit slow sometimes. What exactly does this do? Which option do I want to pick? Hewp me. I tant twite figew dis out... Seriously...what?

dukdub said...

Let's see. Four extra seconds. If I look at my e-mail first, then I won't need to check out this site. Is that it? Then I would miss seeing the beautiful sun flower, and your qute faces!

Lisa said...

Well, Amidey, you use yahoo, right? So click on the Posts link, and then choose the MyYahoo option. It should put a little linky thingy on your yahoo homepage. But since you already have my blog updates on your blog, this is redundant for you, so you probably don't need it. So stop worrying! Go read your new book. Or better yet, BLOG!