Friday, September 19, 2008

Recipe: Salmon Fillet, Seattle Style

I know there are as many seasonings for salmon as there are chefs... not that I consider myself a chef, or anything... whatever. My POINT here, is that I am not claiming this is the only way, or even the best way to season salmon. This is just how we do it. So don't go making fun of me, kay? You know who you are.

The sauce recipe comes from Tom's parents, who live near Seattle. Hi Norm and Marge! :waves madly:

1 part each (I usually use 1/3 cup each for a single salmon fillet):

Soy Sauce
Lemon Juice
Olive Oil

If you pour them carefully, you can make a fun layered effect in the measuring cup.

This is not desirable for the recipe, however, so when you're done goofing around, heat the stratified mixture in the microwave for 30 seconds to melt the honey, and whisk well just before adding to the salmon.

I like to line the baking pan with heavy duty aluminum foil. Otherwise I have a caramelized mess to scrub off later. However, if scrubbing baked on salmon sauce floats your boat, or you are feeling particularly contrary today, feel free to leave the pan unlined. Place salmon fillet, skin side down if yours has skin, in the pan. If you're silly like I am, you can use a fork to perforate the salmon fillet to facilitate sauce penetration. Or not. Pour half the sauce over salmon fillet, reserving the remainder for use at the table.

Bake salmon at 450 degrees for 4-6 minutes per half inch thickness.

Salmon is done when it is no longer flaming pink and flakes easily with a fork.

Serve with rice and remaining sauce.


Debbie said...

Yum. What time should I be there?

Amidey (aka Crazy Lady) said...

What? No Miracle Whip? This looks good. If I can ever afford Salmon again I will have to try it.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I am no cook...and I don't even like Salmon...but that looks good! :)

Tell you hubby's parents HI from me also *waves furiously*

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE SALMON! It's my favorite, so I'll definitely be trying this recipe.

Hey, how come your stove top is so clean? No fair.

And how to you write on your photos like that? That's very cool.

And does your 16 year old think you're funny? Random curiousity.

Marjorie said...

You have done it to perfection!

Can you see me? I am waving!

Kris said...

I had not even realized we have not had any salmon this summer. Now I know what I am serving on Sunday.


dukdub said...

And I have enjoyed Marge and Norm's salmon twice in my life. It is awsome.

Lisa (Funny Farmer) said...

Maybe these were rhetorical questions, but hey - I can pretend you really wanted the answers, right?

Hey, how come your stove top is so clean? No fair.

'Cuz I cleaned it right before I took these photos.

And how to you write on your photos like that? That's very cool.

When viewing the photo in Windows Explorer, right click on it and choose "edit" from the dropdown menu. The picture will open in Paint, and you can add text and arrows and cool geometric shapes to your heart's content.

And does your 16 year old think you're funny? Random curiousity.

Sometimes she kinda snorts when I say something particularly clever, which isn't often. Mostly I think I embarrass her, which is my goal in life.

IWA said...

So how did you know that I just picked up salmon from costco and have been trying to figure out some fun way to cook it, so my 9 yr old doesn't give me every reason why she thinks she's allergic to fish.....and then ends up skipping dinner and then exclaims at breakfast the next morning that she is now eating her dinner because she has the meanest mom who wont make her "real food" ... huh.. huh??

I will get back on the results... very excited to have found this! Thanks!

IWA said...

The salmon turned out awesome! I actually lied to my daughter and told her it was chicken.. but she ate every drop on her plate!