Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day, revisited.

So this was our Labor Day:

  • After some drama and yelling, we decided to go see Kung Fu Panda at the Buck-Fifty theater, and we would all be thankful for it, by gum!
  • We planned to go to the first showing at 12:30 so that Karianne could spent a couple of hours with Tim before he had to work at 5pm.
  • Susan was late getting back from marching in the parade, so we missed the first matinee, which put the pinch on Karianne's plans.
  • We decided to try for the 4:25 showing instead, so that Karianne could see Tim before the movie. (Are we accomodating parents, or what?)
  • Alas, Tim was busy all afternoon (with some lame excuse about a leaking roof) and so our flexibility was for nothing, darn it.
  • Nathan was annoyed that we had changed the schedule for Karianne's sake, thus causing his TV show viewing to be interrupted when it was time to leave for the movie.
  • When we arrived at the theater, we were chagrined to find that all showings were sold out. Who knew that all of Provo would think going to a movie on a rainy holiday was a good idea and that they would also have the brains to buy their tickets online the day before?
  • In an attempt to salvage the outing, we stopped for shakes, a banana split, and a dipped cone.
  • Due to fate, a vengeful god, or just plain bad luck, Nathan's dipped cone was delayed for over 35 minutes due to employee error.
  • Nathan growled and stomped to the other side of the restaurant, where he punched and kicked the booth seat while the rest of us ate our ice cream.
  • Two small toddlers began to play hide-and-scream mere feet away from our table.
  • Nathan's cone finally arrived, and we all sat and waited while he ate it on the other side of the restaurant.
  • I laid my head down on the table and gave in to the urge to laugh hysterically until tears squeezed from my tightly closed eyelids.
  • My husband whispered that the padded van was on its way and we'd better leave now unless I wanted to wear a strait jacket to bed tonight.
  • We drove home and stopped to rent WaterHorse from Blockbuster, where Tim works, much to Karianne's delight.
  • Once at home, I served a nutritious dinner of popcorn and candy bars to go along with the movie. My mothering skills are unsurpassed, I know.

I decided that I can't wait for the next Holiday. Ain't family togetherness great?


  1. I love popcorn and candy bars for dinner!!! :)

  2. We had a lovely Eureka marathon yesterday with a play-at-the-park intermission (or if you're me, nap intermission.) Thankfully, we were all on the same page and everyone likes this show. We had the kid favorite crappy fozen pizza for lunch and icecream cones (or sugarfree fudgesicle if you're me) after supper. Good times.

  3. That's hilarious that you thought to see Kung-Fu Panda yesterday, because our family did the same.

    We did manage to get in, but I was kicking myself because we ended up on the front row, which I hate. Somehow it never occurred to me that other families might want to go see a matinee the day before school starts.

    I can trump you on dinner, though. We came home and ordered pizza. It's a wonder I'm not translated yet. ;)

  4. Hey I just have one thing against Nathan's grumblings here, and that is: WE HAVE TIVO. So if he is missing a tv show, he can just record it. Unfortunately boyfriends don't work that way so much. That is all.

  5. Yea, record a boyfriend! I'll have to invent something like that.

  6. K, wanna hear my holiday?

    Wake up to the sound of pounding hail all around you, due to the awesome location of your bedroom (thats not bad though, it was cool)

    Do jobs

    Do some more jobs

    Take care of small children, while doing jobs and trying to get them to do jobs as well

    Do homework

    Go to Subway and do jobs there

    Come home and attempt to finish said homework, not finishing until 1 o'clock the next morning.