Monday, September 8, 2008

At last, the waiting is over.

My baby turned 8 today.

"I'm not a baby, mom!"

Hey, this is my blog, I'll write what I want. Go away.

Anyway. It's her birthday. She's extra excited, because not only is she being tortured by having to wait until dad gets home to open her presents, but turning 8 also means she gets to be baptised this weekend. We are all super excited about that. Tons of family will be here, and it will be a general riot of a party. I can't wait!

Here she is with the earrings and pendant her Grandpa Hibbert sent.

I took pity on her tortured soul and let her open them before school. Unfortunately, since it has only been three weeks since she got her ears pierced, she has to wait a few more weeks to wear them.

"I can still wear the necklace though!"

Don't you have homework or clogging practice or something you should be doing?

"But this is about me, I need to make sure you say the right words!"

Hmmm. Good point.

How about these words: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Megan!!! Can't wait to join in with the tons of family and the total party.

  2. Oh man! I just love this girl. She is just amazing.
    Happy birthday Megan. I am so glad that you were born and that you are turning 8 and have chosen to be baptized. I am excited to come to your baptism. This is a busy week for you (be sure to practice your clogging - hee hee).
    Oh, and does this mean you will bring us treats to class tomorrow?

  3. Happy Birthday, Megan, I'll see you Friday afternoon.

  4. Happy birthday Megan We are excited to see you baptized this weekend.

  5. I remember when my baby turned 8... I remember the family party and the baptismal service... I remember everything like it was yesterday...

    Actually, it's parts of this morning I can't remember well... ;-)

  6. Megan is my last grandchild to be baptized.

  7. Megan! Happy Birthday! I missed reading the blog before today so I am the last to say this but you are such a sweet granddaughter, I hope you had a fun day. I love the way you always smile and bounce with joy a lot. Can't wait to see you on Friday. Hugs and kisses!