Thursday, September 18, 2008

Do As I'm Doing... Follow Follow Me

*The following is a shameless plug for the sake of my vanity. Yeah, I'm shallow and insecure like that*

If I may direct your attention to the right sidebar - yeah, right there, just below my gunchick icon - you will notice a new little gadget that's all the rage on the bloggersphere right now. If you read here regularly, daily, religiously or even obssessive-compulsively and you are not afraid to let the world know it, click on the hot pink "follow this blog" link and put your photo up in lights! Okay so it will be a teeny tinsy photo - but that could be a good thing, cuz then your nose/mouth/chin/ears/zits will look much smaller too, right? Less is more, and all that.

It will mean the world to me and make me feel all popular and loved and warm-fuzzyish. And everyone knows that being popular is the most important thing ever. Just ask Glinda.

After taking this baby step, some of you could even try leaving a comment once in awhile. I know you're out there - you who come and read this blog daily, but NEVER COMMENT! It wounds me. It sucks the life force and creative energy right out of my soul when my hard won posts aren't even acknowledged by the vast majority of lurkers that come, partake, and depart without giving anything of yourselves. I know who you are, and you know who you are, so let's just drop the charade already. Come out, come out, wherever you are... here, kitty kitty... I won't hurt you!

You'll feel better about yourself and I can stop flinging passive-aggressive bad vibes out there into the web-ether-intersphere or wherever you are. So to all you peeps out there in (to name just a few) New York, Nevada, Virginia, Arkansas, California, Arizona, Utah, Idaho (Rexburg, even!), Alaska, Canada, Australia -- yeah, I got Aussies reading here, believe it or not!!! -- Your health and emotional well being will improve when you stop resisting what you know, deep down inside, that you want to do.

So, yeah. See you around. :waves:


  1. I like people who are not afraid to shamelessly plug. I do the same thing in other forums as well (LOL!).

  2. I love that you use the word "peeps." If I hadn't already been following your blog, I'd do it for that reason alone. :)

  3. Is that Canada mention for me? 'Cuz I do comment regularly, ya know. Then again, more people than me live in Canada, so if it's not me, just ignore that little bit of egocentrism.

    This is going to sound lame, but I'm not a follower because I still haven't got a picture of myself that I like. Try and beat that for a pitiful excuse.

  4. Yeah Di - I wasn't talking about you specifically. Anyone who comments at least sometimes is automatically inducted into the fold of favored peeps status, and you of course qualify. But there's other Canucks besides yourself that have never commented...

    And I know there is at least one dude in Las Vegas who reads here religiously, so much so in fact that in a conversation with my SIL, he referred to me as "My Lisa", which is a little teeny tiny bit creepy on the face of it, and creepier still because the guy has never made a peep here. I so do not understand frequenting of a blog to the point that one would use a possessive adjective when describing the blog owner when one has never made oneself known to said blog owner. You know?

  5. Hmm, I shall have to have my Mister take a picture of my new cute haircut and if it comes out and after I get *my* laptop and it's up and running, then I'll follow you. So there.

  6. Hi Lisa,

    I just started blogging and now that I'm getting a few hits from strangers (soon-to-be-friends) I know what you mean about the passive-agressive bad vibes thing. ha ha. It's funny how it does kinda sting--the silence, but I try to think about all the blog posts I read and smile or giggle over but don't comment. Just know that you are still cute and funny and wonderful and POPULAR (like Glinda) even if I don't leave a comment. I still leave smiling. :)

  7. Yeah, sometimes I just don't have anything to say (gasp! - don't tell my husband I said that).

    And the whole following thing? Um well... I'd have to get a google account and come up with another password (because I'm paranoid that way) and then try to remember it (and the memory thing... heh... not so much). Even windows sometimes forgets.

    So will comments do?