Saturday, September 6, 2008

Why is it?

This weekend is stake conference, for me and pretty much everyone I know here in the intermountain west. Tonight the bishop and I went to the adult session. (Righteous, dedicated and faithful man that he is, the bishop also went to leadership meeting earlier in the afternoon, even though the BYU/Washington game was still undecided in the 4th quarter. Dude. I so do not deserve this guy.)

FYI - BYU won, 28-27 on a blocked extra point with two seconds left.


The meeting tonight was very good, as usual. I came away wondering a couple of things:

Why is it that the people who attend the evening adult session of stake conference also love to sing? The energy, enthusiasm and pure talent of the singing in this meeting would make it worth attending for that reason alone. Most of the people in attendance are in leadership, or like me, married to leadership. What is the relationship between music and leadership? There's a research paper for ya.

Why is it that uplifting pep talks about the refiners fire and pressing forward with steadfast faith in Christ and enduring to the end leave me feeling so incredibly discouraged that I cannot stop weeping? Why should a mother's story about her daughter who is cheerful and happy despite being afflicted with a debilitating, painful, and incurable illness make me feel like an utter weakling and complete failure?

Yeah - I know. Cognitive distortions. Bah.

Obviously I have issues.

I think I'll go practice clogging now.


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  2. I sure hope you tivod the game for tom. What dedication. I just wonder if anyone at leadership was keeping a eye on the game and did they announce the happy results. I myself think i gained a new ulcer after that game although it was exactly what i expected.
    And I share your feelings. dotto for me.

  3. Okay Okay this was a post that was a bit too in the moment, and I've scared y'all away. Well, I know you're still reading, but what the heck do you say in response to a post like that?

    Rest assured that I am still kicking (and occasionally screaming) and feeling some more hope today. I'm working on a post about the things I learned last night and today at stake conference, but I'm also cooking dinner for SIXTEEN peeps, so that post will come later tonight. For now, let me just say that Elder Uchtdorf ROCKS! I love that guy more every time he speaks. But especially in a regional conference setting, it is so heart warming to see the Apostles let their hair down and show their humor and real-person-ness.

    Anyway - check back later tonight or tomorrow for the rest of the story!!!

  4. Yeah brother Uchtdorf does rock! He's really funny! I think that all of the apostles are awesome.

  5. I got free tickets to that game, It was awsome, but too tense. We sat in the heart of the Husky section, 50 yard line.