Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why artichokes and houseguests do not mix

  • Because small children are freaked out by the scary looking alien vegetable sitting on Aunt Lisa's counter and run crying to their mothers, who give you nasty looks for the rest of the evening.
  • With extended family staying at two different houses in town, you never know exactly how many people will be eating any particular meal you prepare, so you cook a few extra.
  • Artichoke preparation time is too inflexible to be compatible with activity schedules in constant flux.
  • Artichokes are intended to be placidly savored, not wolfed down prior to racing off to get good seats in order to hear the wonderful inspiring words uttered by a grown man who calls himself 'Bronco'.
  • Weary, car-lagged travelers ignore all the rules of proper mealtimes and aren't hungry when they arrive for dinner.
  • Artichokes are a delicacy that country bumpkins from Idaho don't appreciate.
  • At a buck apiece (which is cheap for artichokes, but still), it's hard to throw them away, so you end up eating the extras yourself (since lovely leftovers artichokes do not make).
  • Woman was not meant to consume that much artichoke sauce in one evening. At least this woman wain't (wasn't + ain't).


  1. What is artichoke sauce, please? I only know melted butter.

    I didn't start eating artichokes until I was in my twenties. Does that make me a bumpkin? :D

  2. It's too bad you didn't ask me. I could have told you all this and steered you towards a nice casserole or something. Oh well, at least you are now the "cool" aunt who serves exotic artichokes.

  3. I LOVE artichokes...but it's a new love, just recently discovered! :) Have I told you how much I ENJOY your blog! I love it!

  4. Wow - thanks Shelle! Coming from an awesome blogger like yerself, that's a huge compliment! :D

  5. Amidey - you are such a dork! I DID ask you and you talked me out of a casserole and into doing the artichokes, you ninny! ROFL

  6. How did I not realize that you had extras? Wow I blew it. I could have saved you from some of the sauce and added another additional lb to my backside. ;) Sorry!

    Thanks again for the great weekend!

  7. I LOVE ARTICHOKES!!! They are like my favorite meal you serve! I don't understand how people don't like them cause they are so yummy!

  8. I did eat my artichoke when I got back from listening to Bronco. And it was YUMMY! thank you very much!!! I mostly said I wasn't hungry to help facilitate the problem of them not all being ready to go on the table at the critical moment. The sauce was great too. I wish artichokes would get to one dollar around here. How about $5 apiece? Ouch! we haven't had very many this year.

    Thanks for a great weekend. Everything was very nice. The pulled pork was especially good! And I almost ate too many of those delicious home-grown peaches!!
    It was a joy to see Megan so happy and share in all of that. Thanks to Karianne as well for the fine accomodations!

    Our trip home went well. Now I just have to get back in the saddle and get the work done around here! Thanks again!
    Love Ya!

  9. Well now! Obviously, I am the "country bumpkin from Idaho" who didn't like artichokes! Cuz I'm the only one from Idaho! Thanks for letting me try yours.

    It was a good weekend, Lisa. Thanks.