Thursday, September 4, 2008

Give That Photo A Name!

Okay I love this picture. It makes me smile every time I see it. Why? Well, it must be because I can relate to the fury and desperation this cat is feeling. But mostly I love it because it's just plain funny. I have been saving it until I could come up with the perfect caption to use as a post title. But I am feeling creatively challenged lately and so I need a little help.

This is where you, dear readers, come in.

Apply your collective creative genius and give it your best shot! The winner gets to come and watch me get my eyebrows waxed.

Just kidding. The winner gets to ask me anything you want to know - and I'll post the answer right here on this here blog.


  1. How about "Lisa during physical therapy". Or "Lisa during FHE". Ha ha, just kidding.

  2. For the Love of Bathtime: I Am Going to Destroy your Couch for This!

  3. Oh! or how about "How Lisa feels about getting her eyebrows waxed". lol

  4. "Michael Phelps - you are so going down!"

  5. "If I have to put up with one more of your cockamamy...!!!"

  6. This is hard! I can come up with captions, but a name?

    Wet Heat
    Cat Fish
    Cool it now!
    Cranky Cat
    Madder than a Wet Cat
    I Hate Baths
    Hot Tub Hate
    Whatchoo Lookin' At?
    When Hairy Met Sauna

  7. "Okay, okay, I get it - no peeing in the pool. How 'bout a number two?"

    Sorry if that's a little, you know, ewwww, but the poor little guy looks like he needs a prune or two. Do prunes even work on cats? Flip, do I even wanna know? I'd better quit while I'm ahead!

  8. I want to know where is the place to comment about the latest poll. Because I have a thing or six to say about eyebrow waxing. :D

  9. "My ears are on the wrong part of my head, they don't help a bit to get out of here"