Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Great Hair Day

Women like to talk about 'bad hair days' - and from the frequency of complaints, you'd think that most days find most women follicularly challenged.

I had a great hair day today.

I like my hair. It is naturally dark blond with summer highlights. I normally wear it shortish and curly, with the help of regular visits to my hairdresser for a perm. My spring perm is growing out. No longer can I just wash, gel, and go. Most days I require some serious help from the curling iron to get stuff to stay where it should. Despite the extra time, I like the softer look, so I'm holding out a little longer before going back in to get curly again.

But not today. Today my hair went just where I wanted when I combed it. The bangs are long-ish and wavy and brush over the tops of my eyebrows, thus eliminating the need to wax. Well on one side, anyway. It all just "worked" somehow, and I had no idea what I'd done to make that happen. I gave the mirror a wicked smile and sprayed the head down with hairspray, then off I went to the store, to a cooking class and lunch, and then into the garden to plant some fall vegetables. Just before driving Susan to saxophone lessons, I checked myself in the mirror briefly, and decided that the windblown look suited me.

Then we opened the front door to a hailstorm. Susan balked, unwilling to get wet. I squealed "what are you waiting for?!" because I, who was holding the storm door open wide so that she and her saxophone could clear it, was getting soaked by her indecision. And then we ran together screaming and laughing into the storm and were promptly wet through in the 20 foot race to the van.

I figured my great do was ruined, which was a shame because I still had two more public appearances to make today. I flipped down the visor to check the mirror, and do you know what? My hair got EVEN BETTER as a result of the hail, if it were even possible. Now I was not only windblown, but had that sorta random kinda spiky just-gelled look that is so hip nowadays. I was stylin', baby! Sexy, even.

I should have taken a picture... in fact I did take a picture. I took several. But they just didn't capture the amazingness of my true appearance, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

It is possible that I was just deluded. And I'll thank in advance my IRL friends that saw me today NOT to burst my bubble if they're holding their sides laughing and rolling on the floor right now. Ignorance is bliss, they say.


  1. Hey, I thought your hair looked great yesterday but I still have to hold my sides and laugh at that post. The thoughts that go through your head never cease to amaze me.

  2. "Women like to talk about 'bad hair days' - and from the frequency of complaints, you'd think that most days find most women follicularly challenged."

    Sadly, in my case, this is true. The only time I really have great hair is when I'm pregnant. And I gotta tell you, the way my pregnancies go, it's soooo not worth it.

    But, honestly, when I read this post, I was so excited for you! Because on good hair days, women can do extraordinary things. Like foster world peace or part the Red Sea. So you go, girl!

  3. Good for you. Everyone deserves a good hair day - annually at least.

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  5. Okay so my computer was just a little on the skits., nevermind.

  6. lol yay for your good hair day! my hair never does what I originally intended for it to do so I just let it do whatever it wants and everyone's happy. :)

  7. to have a good hair day, I suspect I would need hair, right?

  8. Sweet!!! I am sad that we don't have a picture to look at and ooohhh and aaaahhh over. :)