Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Help Me Choose

I was looking through my archives the other day with the thought of compiling a list of posts for newcomers to peruse that were particularly clever or funny, or at least didn't stink too much. And you know what? I couldn't find anything that I really liked.

Does that ever happen to any other bloggers? At the time of writing, most posts seemed interesting, important, and reasonably clever. I expected to be able to go through and pin down half a dozen or so decent posts. And they weren't there! I'm wondering if maybe the blogosphere stole them when I wasn't looking?

I'm so confused. People tell me they think I'm funny, and I guess I started believing that and maybe got a big head or something. But I am seeing no evidence of it in my archives today. Maybe I'm not the best judge just now. Which brings me to you.

I still want to compile the list, but I'd like some help. So if you'd do me the favor of sharing your favorite posts (look at my delusion, in thinking that you might have more than one!), I'd appreciate it. The newcomers will also appreciate it, since it will give them something to read while I wade through my latest spate of dullness.

Ready. Set. GO!

Anytime you're ready.

Today would be good for me. Just so you know.

Okay, well then... See ya!


  1. HI...well... I am new here on your blog :)


    I already think you are Funny!!!

    anyone who has children that can make those Origami things MUST be a good momma!!! :)

  2. and HELLO??? look at your Profile photo!!! that is so funny!!! i love it!

    ok....so now I am gonna have to FOLLOW your blog!!! It is too cute!

  3. Welcome Merrianne! Thanks for the compliment. Maybe I'm just having an off day/week?

    I wish I could take the credit for the origami. Alas, that is my husband's doing. He is the master of sacrament meeting entertainers.

  4. My favorite blog post is the one about you getting your eyebrows waxed. ...Wait, I must have imagined that one. :P

  5. Nope, this doesn't happen to me. All of my posts are funny. Really they are. Come see. Ok, so I just started a new blog and I only have one post, but they will all be totally funny.

    I'll check out some of yours and find a favorite.

    I say I will, but I might get side tracked. I'll try.

  6. Oh, no, Lisa, don't do this to me today. Don't entice me. Don't try to appeal to my A.D.D.D. (Attention Deficit Domestic Disorder) because now I want to read all your posts, but I'm s'pose to be reading HAMLET and grading papers.

    So far I love your posts about salmon and peaches. And just so you know you're super funny and cute and clever AND witty.

  7. I found you on your GNO post and was hooked because you threw Family Home Evening to the wind and went out with the girls...a women from my heart!

    I love the Final Notice one...it's probably not suppose to be funny...but the way your write it makes it seem funny...and you show you are extremely human! lol!

    I like the latest one entitled Church.

    I like the Do I get a HOliday Too? post...so true...so true!

    Okay...there you go! :)

  8. Hmmmm well I did like the one with the video of the guy who screams at people, but that wasn't really your work so let's see... I'll get back to you on that one.

  9. I think I'm the weird one here - it's embarrassing to admit it, but I love to read my old posts. All of them. I always wonder, "Now how did I think of that?" It's as if someone else did them, someone with a way more interesting take on life than me.

    I'm relatively new here, so until I have time to go back over old posts, I can't help. But if you click on "edit all posts," you get a list along with the number of comments for each post. Maybe you should look at the ones with the most comments?

  10. The Macey shopping trip seems to come to my mind as being hilarious I have mom brain and can not think of any others

  11. At the risk of having your husband kill me - "Caught in the Act" is pretty dang hilarious.

    "This can't be good"... yeah... that one still makes me grin.

    "Eyes" - because I wish I'd thought of that comeback - even though no one asks me where I got my brown eyes ;)

    "Confession" - totally been there

    "Socks" - because I can't stand mating socks

    And that's just from one month - but hey it's a start :)

  12. I like "Wardrobe Worries." I always thought that once I got married and had kids, I would magically stop worrying so much about my physical appearance. Oh, my poor, poor, deluded young self.

    But seriously, you tackle an issue that most people like to shy away from. And you do it without the "woe is me" attitude.

  13. The degrees of manure or whatever it was called. HIlarious.