Thursday, September 4, 2008

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

There's new poll up - and apparently at least some people want to talk about it. So here you go.

Here is a picture of me. Note the eyebrows. Do you think they need shaping, plucking, waxing, darkening, or other method of "fixing"?

I think what I need is a before/after comparison image - I'm scared to do it and then hate it, because although theoretically I know they would grow back... wouldn't it be ugly and awkward while it happens?

Blast away.


  1. Don't do it! Stay natural. (But I will still love you and come see you even if you do.)

  2. my first time here.
    get 'em waxed (i can't pluck 'em myself). it's fast, easy, and they do grow back,

  3. I think your eyebrows could use some shaping, yes. Is it a major screaming hairy situation? Absolutely not. This is a fine tuning issue at most.

    That said, I think you'd be surprised at the difference in how effective your eyebrows are in framing your face once they have been done.

    Here are some of my random thoughts about eyebrow waxing and upkeep.

    The first time you have your eyebrows waxed keep them on the thicker side so the change isn't so drastic. You can always go back later and have them thinned more if your decide you'd like that. If you have them done too thin the first time, it will look too foreign and you'll think it's just not for you most likely. (Be very clear in communicating this to the person doing the waxing. Maybe even compare based on her eyebrows or a magazine shot.)

    Once you have them waxed, you should be able to just tweeze at home for a while. You'll have a good shape guideline to follow.

    For tweezing, natural light is the best. I'm moving a set of tweezers into the car because I can always see very clearly the teeny hairs I've missed when I use the visor mirror on a sunny day.

    Waxing your eyebrows does sting for a moment, but it's a small area and it's over quickly.

    I was given a beeswax waxing kit some years ago and nowadays I actually wax my own eyebrows a couple times a year. (Since I only use the kit for eyebrows, it will about last forever.) I have taken off a bit too much hair a time or two, but since I start with thicker brows it's not a big deal. Also, the hair really does grow back fast.

  4. Um, kay. I've known you for how many years now? Lots. Kay let's really count though it will be fun. Six-ish years? Yeah. About that. And I have never ONCE had a single thought about your eyebrows cross my mind, so therefore I think that probly the only people that actually care that much are just weirdly over-observant.

  5. They will grow back...but you won't want them too! I don't know you, and I'm sure I wouldn't see you and think - ew, eyebrows. Probably wouldn't really notice. However - eyebrows really do make a huge difference! You just won't know it till you try it. No need to go all crazy - just a simple little clean-up wax will do the trick. Good luck!

  6. Ok - I don't see anything wrong. Your over all look seems totally balanced to me.

    However... if you're feeling bored and simply just want to try something new I say go for it. See if you like it :)

    But don't do it for others - do it to have some... dare I say it... fun (I mean we are talking about a teeny bit of pain here involved in the waxing :)

  7. I agree with all the above comments above. I admit I have never looked at you and thought, "Holy eyeybrows batman!" but my eyebrows are as light as yours and a little framing can make a big difference. Honestly as far as the look goes you look great now, I just think it would be fun to go do and hey, you might just like the subtle difference. If nothing else this is something you can say,"I tried that once" and not break any commandments. Sweet!

  8. I finally took the plunge last year. I was very hesitant, but I actually enjoyed the experience. Anytime someone else is taking care of me, makes me feel pampered. Yes it was slightly painful, although not as bad as I thought it would be. But my waxing lady has a whole ambiance thing going on. Soft blanket to lay on, water fall fountain, scented candle. All these things combine to make it very relaxing, even though it only lasts 10 minutes. And it only costs $12, so I figure that it is worth it. It is also in the same shopping center as my grocery store, so very close to my house. I go back about every two months, although this summer slipped into more like four.
    I agree with every one else, you look perfectly fine. I have known you for 21 years and I have never once thought man that girl needs something done with her eyebrows. That said, try it, you might like it.
    Would you like it in a house, would you like it with a mouse, would you like it in a box,
    would you like it with a fox.

    I voted try it if you want. But by no means feel pressured into do something you really aren't interested in.

  9. I agree with Christina, except that I have known you for, like, my whole life and I haven't noticed your eyebrows either. You could do it if you wanted but I don't think it matters that much.

  10. Hey Lisa, I am going to try and come this weekend and fly stand-by on Jen's buddy pass. Jen was telling me that I need to have mine done. If I make it I would love to do it on Friday with you. Pat made it sound so great.

  11. I have never noticed either but think reading about your experience could be one of the funniest things that I do in a long time. :)