Sunday, November 9, 2008

What's Normal?

So last night we had artichokes again. They were good this time, too. We were sitting around the table, all six of us (with two teenagers, having the whole family for dinner is truly an historic event worth blogging about, which is why I am blogging about it. duh.), savoring our artichokes. Pulling off a fat, succulent, perfectly steamed leaf, dipping it in sauce, and scraping the tender flesh off with the bottom teeth, then tossing the remainder of the leaf into the bowl. There was little conversation, but much slurping and aaahing and moaning. They were that good.

Then my 16 year old said,

"Do normal people eat artichokes this way, or do they just dispense with the leaves and go straight for the hearts?"

(Editor's Note: She didn't actually use the word "dispense". Sixteen year olds don't talk like that. At least NORMAL 16 year olds don't. I think.)

I guess we know who is NOT winning the "Favorite Daughter" award this week!


  1. Normal people eat the leaves too. That is final. But normal people don't use sauce, just melted butter (or as in our house, melted Smart Balance.)


  2. Normal people eat the leaves too! I LOVE artichokes! I too use melted butter but I know some people that use miracle whip or mayonnaise? (Which I think just sounds gross!) What kind of sauce do you use?

  3. I feel really out of the loop because I've never eaten artichokes. I would probably go straight for the heart though because I'm not normal. (but you already knew that.)

    So there's your answer.

  4. I don't eat artichokes either but the people I have seen who eat them (normal or otherwise) pretty much start out and work in. It's too good not to (or so I'm told).

  5. Um no matter the normal way to eat them... I just like the green water left behind after you cook them!