Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Remember the Boy Who Won't Smile?

Apparently he also sings Opera.

For those who can't understand what he's saying, The Lyrics:

Little Purple Pansies dressed in yellow gold,
Growing in the corner of the garden old,
We are very little but must try try try,
For if someone steps on us we'll die die die!

In case you were wondering, no, those aren't the original lyrics for that well beloved Primary Song. Those are the updated, patented Funny Farm lyrics. We don't even know the original lyrics anymore.

Is it bad that I like the new, violent ones better?

Believe it or not, all of this transpired BEFORE the treats were served.


  1. Is he actually saying words? Maybe you better type up those lyrics I can't tell what the heck he is saying. This is the Nathan I know.:)

  2. Crazy!!! Did he smile after the performance? They sure have animation, especially Megan.

    Lisa, the post you made yesterday did not post.

  3. Yes!!! When I watched it again, he was smiling.

  4. Very impressive! Once this talent comes to the attention of the higher ups, you'll be set for life!!

  5. yep, I like your lyrics MUCH better.

    When I was a young primary aged girl one of my best friends always sang about her "little purple panties"...

  6. WOW...he's WAY good...maybe you should think about getting him into OPERA lessons...he might have a future in that! lol! :)

  7. Dude. I do not know that primary song. Is it still in use? Must go search and see if I have completely lost my mind.

  8. Ok. It is in the song book. I have lost my mind or during my primary days, wise primary choristers knew that super-girlie, old-fashioned ditty would go over like a lead balloon. I really hope it was the latter.

    I found the real words: http://library.lds.org/nxt/gateway.dll/Curriculum/music.htm/childrens%20songbook.htm/nature%20and%20seasons.htm/little%20purple%20pansies.htm#JD_CS.244

    Hmmm, no idea how to make that clickable. You all must cut and paste which is so annoying, I know.

  9. There were eight of us kids back in the day when Pretty Purple Pansies was on the menu during primary on a regular basis--this reminds me so much of a number of family nights we endured, er, enjoyed. Fun fun fun!

  10. OOOOooohhh, boy... That's hilarious.. But please... don't let my cub scouts hear it. If they do and we just happen to sing that song in Primary one Sunday I know which lyrics they'll choose :)

  11. Heee hee heeee. Is insanity really hereditary?

  12. T - Little Purple Panties? HAHAHAHA

    Crash - YES, it's hereditary. You get it from your kids!

  13. When our family sings Once There Was A Snowman, we do it in an asian accent.

    You guys are weird.

  14. How rude! You are exactly right, but still - How... RUDE!!

    (But hey, a comment is a comment.)