Thursday, November 6, 2008

Receiving Service - Is it more trouble than it's worth?

I grow a vegetable garden next door in my neighbor's un-landscaped yard. It's the only way I have enough room to really farm -- corn, squash, pumpkins, and tomatoes need more space than my little backyard raised bed garden has available.

Every October, the Scoutmaster calls: "Sister Farmer, the Boy Scouts need a service project. Would you like help cleaning up the garden for the winter?"

And because I am 1) lazy and 2) a slow learner, I say yes.

So the boys come over and yank dried cornstalks out of the ground and pile tomato vines on the pickup truck and throw windfall tomatoes at one another until the scoutmaster's wife calls "Donuts!" and then they all disappear.

With one of my tools.

I needed my new garden fork on Saturday while I was planting fall bulbs. My new garden fork is, well, new. It is yellow and tight and shiny and works wonderfully well. But I couldn't find it anywhere. I walked the entire area of both my little plot and my neighbor's yard looking for it, to no avail. So I used my old garden fork, whose wood shank is split and the blue plastic D-handle at the top is loose and it's frankly a pain to use. It got the job done, but it's falling apart. I bought the new yellow shiny fork to replace the old blue worn-out fork just this year.

I'm a little chapped.

Do you think I could submit a receipt for my new garden fork to the ward and get reimbursed for the cost since the Boy Scouts stole it? Cuz otherwise, that "service" cost me $35 in a stolen tool.


  1. Call the scoutmaster!!!! Has it been a month? Call him any way. He's responsible for his boys. Unless someone else walking by glommed onto it.

  2. I agree. Call and ask. Might turn it up.

  3. You're too nice. I find that threats of violence works wonders. Simply begin the service by announcing that you have counted your tools and no one can leave for donuts until you've accounted for each tool. State that if necessary, you will frisk each and every person for the missing tool. Then notify them that the guilty party will then be used as fertilizer for next year's garden.

    Be sure to use a calm and respectful voice. Remember, you are the bishop's wife.

  4. Holy Moly you really are a farmer.

    You know you can get them in loose fitting guy t's, right?

  5. Becareful with the frisking. I/some would love to be frisked!

  6. THe old boat would know because he loves B.S. I would take his advice.

    And Annie of course she's a farmer. She raises little funnies and sends them out into the universe so we can all ROTFLOL. That was just LOL for you, Annie.

    Funny Farmer, you're so dang funny. I just love your little funny farm.

  7. I'm so glad this post was finally ready for purposeful posting. I am only guessing that you accidentally posted it before. I hate it when that happens.

    I hope you do find it. That really is wrong. Maybe you should have saved this post for monday and entered it in Shelle's contest.

    If you don't find it, your husband will know what to get you for Christmas.

  8. Oh and how about

    Donuts for boy scouts: $5

    Lost farm tool: $35

    Incident to blog about: priceless

  9. I hope you find the tool. I sent chirstmas gifts with Mom, but no garden forks, sorry.