Monday, December 1, 2008

Death by Tuna... almost

For Thanksgiving we traveled to Idaho to visit with my side of the family. We had a very pleasant afternoon at my cute niece's house, eating scrumptious food, playing cards and Wii, and doing puzzles. We then spent the night with my dad at his home.

Friday morning we slept in, dad cooked breakfast, and then the kids bundled up to go out and ride the four wheeler ATV on the farm. As noon approached, we began packing up to return home.

Knowing that we like tuna sandwiches, dad mixed up a big bowl of tuna. Nathan was thrilled and proceeded to make himself a thick sandwich. Everyone settled down to eat lunch. I had eaten a big breakfast and so wasn't really hungry, so I politely declined.

Everyone began to eat, and it was oddly silent around the table. Being absorbed in my laptop, as usual, I didn't notice the furtive looks exchanged among the kids. Then Nathan said, "Mom, do you want the rest of my sandwich?" He had only taken two bites. Strange, for a kid who likes tuna as much as he does. "Why, don't you like it?" He shrugged. "I'm just not that hungry, I guess."

I didn't want his sandwich, so he tossed it in the garbage. A little while later, I noticed that there were four sandwiches with only a couple of bites out of them in the garbage. Hmmmm. Suspicious.

I took a spoon and tasted the tuna. Whoa. There was something seriously wrong with this tuna. At first I thought that dad had made it with mayonnaise or something equally nasty. Then I realized the taste of tuna was overwhelmed by a strong bitter metallic taste! No wonder the kids couldn't eat more than a few bites; I couldn't even swallow the little bit in my mouth!

I mentioned the off flavor to my dad, and he tasted it and agreed that something was wrong with it. "I'll go check the date on that case," he said, as he headed for the basement.

The tuna was old, alright.

How old, you ask?

Well, I'll tell you.

Wait for it.

Sheesh, but you are impatient.

The case of tuna was purchased in...


Ack! My kids ate 36 year old tuna for lunch!

I think my dad is living in a time warp. He still wears polyester shirts from the 70's and sees nothing wrong with that. He just finished restoring a 1947 Garwood boat after 2 1/2 years of working on it. I love ya dad, but let's face it: you are o-l-d. Older than the Moonwalk. Older than Elvis. Older than The Garden of Eden. Older than dinosaurs. Older than DIRT.

I'm older than your tuna. But just barely.

Love you dad! :waves:


  1. thats some OLD grandma has a basement and anytime she retrives some food from there I ALWAYS check the date-

  2. I've ruined them! They will never eat tuna again. They will never come HERE again. Now your tuna will be 38 years old unless you give it to the food bank.

    So I'm feeding it to the magpies and stray dogs, 3 cans a day.

    I'm also going thu my storeage and cloths and throwing the OLD THINGS AWAY!!!!!!

  3. way to scare of the grandkids O.B.G.!!

    Tuna as old as I am... hey, that can't be too bad, I've kept pretty well over the years right?

  4. I dunno T, I bet you don't taste so good either. :P

  5. I once ate chicken from the Bishop's storehouse that was past the expiration date. But only by a year. And I was freaking out because I was pregnant, but the lady I talked to over the phone said it wasn't a big deal.

    Maybe next time I'll tell her it was 36 year old tuna! :)

  6. Other things that were bad in 1972--disco, ruffled tuxedo shirts, platform shoes, the pants my mom made me wear, and now we can add tuna to this list! Ewwww!

  7. hee hee. He's not just o-l-d, he's b-o-r-i-n-g. hee hee j/k boring old boat guy.

    See that's the problem with food storage. ; (which is why I don't subscribe to whole notion).

    What a fun Thanksgiving. Makes me wish even more that my mom would marry your dad so you could be my wicked stepsister and my kids could eat 36 year old tuna with your kids.


  8. I have to say it happens to the best of us. I have been cleaning out my storage room and found a case of canned whole chickens. The case had never been opened and so I thought I better check it out. Opened one can and just one tiny taste (your comment about the strong metalic taste rings true!)I couldn't spit it out fast enough. UGH!!! Checked the date. It was 1979. Should have been good since it was fresher than the tuna, right? Too bad we forgot it was saved for a rainy day. It was probably great in its prime.
    And hey, I like polyester shirts too!

  9. Thanks, Marge. The Prophet told me to use it up, wear it out. That's why I have my polyester and my '79 Oldsmobile and my '47 boat and my...........

    And Crash, where does your moma live? I'm going to California in January.

  10. Oh that is just ..... awful .... funny .... stomach wrenching .... funniest blog I've read today!

  11. You should take the prohpet's advice when it comes to using the tuna up.

    Follow the prophet . . .

    My moma lives in Springville. Right next door to Lisa. You should have looked her up while you were babysitting.

  12. ACK cause I hardly even noticed the weird taste in that tuna! I ate my entire sandwich, mom, and I did notice a little bit of a weird taste but it didn't seem too bad so I just ate it anyways. Hmm.... so maybe that's why I was sick yesterday? Haha... don't worry grandpa it's totally fine! :)

  13. Crash, that's what I was trying to do. Those kids are real sharp!!!

  14. Oh, that old boat guy! But my dad is older than he is. Really. And he is still here PLUS he makes a mean batch of chocolate fudge!(new every year--just had to throw that in, just in case . . .)

  15. Yes, Crash, let's set our parents up! I'll be the wicked stepsister, and you can be the ugly stepsister.

    hee hee j/k not really LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. No you be the ugly stepsister and I'll be the WICKED stepsister. Wicked is way more fun than ugly. I know cause I've been both.

  17. Too late! You already said I could be the wicked one! You can't take it back! No! Let go! MINE!


  18. Hee hee. MOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!

    You look kinda scary with that oozie when you're telling me you want to be wicked.

    How bout you be the wicked one and I'll be the evil one. But we'll both be stinkin' hot!

  19. Old food squicks me out. Then again, I haven't eaten tuna regularly for years, so I'm safe on this one. (It seems that the more "they" say fish is good for you, the more contrary I get about it.)

    Aren't the fairy tale step-sisters usually wicked AND ugly? So, there's no need to fight. :P

  20. LOL that is totally disgusting! :) Your kids are nice though...I would've started dry heaving! :)

  21. I'm glad that you are back home safe (mostly) and sound. I'm glad OBG didn't donate it to a food bank. I have sorted some very old food, to decide if we can give it to poor people, who can't afford a Dr visit.

    Yeah! we would love to have Crash in the family. Can't have enough SILs, plus bonus, she would be reated to Pat too.

  22. I will settle this argument. Lisa is the wicked sister, Crash is the ugly one. Rmember her face in the post about her class? Definatly ugly. Hee Hee

  23. If Crash"s Mom married OBG then we would have two sets of twins in the family how fun would that be ????


  24. Okay, it's settled. I'm in. If only we could cast a magic spell over our parents and make them fall madly in love. Or even just move in together for convenience sake.

    But I don't appreciate that my future step father just called me ugly. How Rude! And bossy.

  25. I also ate my entire sandwich out of being freaking polite. Last time I do that... Manners are bad for you.

  26. HAHAHAHAHA! They're called wisecracks! My comment is hilarious. Ha ha ha... oh, wait. I guess it's not that funny. Nevermind.