Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nothing to do but fret

Yesterday I got a cortisone shot in my troublesome knee that decided to swell and be generally annoying with only 10 days to go to recital. The doctor was awesome (thanks to Andrew for getting me in to see her!) and almost immediately my range of motion was improved. She sent me home with some painkillers and an order to stay off it AMAP for 24 hours and told me I'd be dancing again by Saturday. That gives me a week left to get my routines polished before going on stage on December 13. I guess that will have to be good enough.

Yesterday my favorite mother-in-law had breast cancer surgery. The cancer has spread farther than they had hoped, and so she'll have to follow up with radiation and chemotherapy. I am worried about her and wish there was something I could do to help. Sending flowers seems like such a paltry offering in the face of such a serious illness, you know?

Today my best friend's 4-year-old son goes under the knife to remove a thyroglossal duct cyst. I know! I had no idea what it was either. His parents are understandably very concerned about him. I am concerned about my friend. Again, there is not a thing I can do.

So I'll sit here and worry and wait for news while I worry and wait for my knee to feel better. I need a good book or something.


  1. Sorry, Lisa. I didn't know about Marge. I think cancer is more frightening than heart problems.

    And Amidey's plate is full also. No wonder she hasn't posted.

    What can I do for YOU, besides bring more spuds down?

  2. I will be keeping those mentioned in my thoughts and prayers wow
    hope you are feeling better soon

  3. I know it seems ridiculous the amount of things there are to worry about. I read an article at Meridian about the pandemic flu and I am so not prepared for that. Seems silly to worry about such things when your son is so injured and you mom is fighting cancer. Mostly I am just sitting in a corner sucking my thumb. Burns score 81.
    Hope your knee gets better, Darn temporal tabernacles of deterioration and age. Wish there was some way I could come and watch. Be sure to post the video.
    Keep the faith. That is all we can do.

  4. There are so many things I want to say, words of sympathy and encouragement, yet, the most pressing one is, You Dance? Let's hear more about the dancing! (I know, I'm soooooo shallow!)

  5. Ahhh, no wonder you didn't come to my surprise party. I'll forgive you now.

    I'm sorry. (And can I Echo Heidi . . . You Dance? Is this part of Crazy Lady's recital?)

    I'm always trying to figure this out too. What DO you DO to comfort people? I've been trying to come up with ideas for years. But comfort them you must. It's better than fretting. Although the fretting is unavoidable.

    I have a sista in my ward who just went through the breast cancer ordeal. She just gave me a pink and white ribbon pin, which means you supported someone with breast cancer. She just got through it. She appreciated funny movies. Anything to keep her spirits up. She watched America's Funniest Home Videos constantly. I bought her a book, Every Day with Hair is a Good Hair Day. (I think). Really good book. Comfort foods, if she lives close by. Soups. And she craved popsicles after Chemo. But even little things. Words, smiles, calls, emails. Just don't withdraw because you don't know what to say. That's what everyone does. Your friend will need a lot of support too.

    Good luck.

  6. Dad - why don't you bring down some tuna? hee hee

    Georgie - thank you. The more prayers the better I'm thinking. :)

    Pat - Hugs from me and yes indeed I'll post the video.

    Heidi - I don't really dance. I just fake it. Here is the post with video from May's recital.

  7. Did that sound bossy?

    Hey, I forgot to say, FEEL BETTER SOON to your knee.

  8. Hey Crash - thanks for the good advice.

    I came to your party, but I had absolutely nothing witty to add. Darn these thorns. Sorry about that. Maybe next time. :)

  9. I hate having to sit by and watch helplessly - and yet it's what we're left with usually. I'm glad I checked in here, I have a new found friend newly diagnosed and I've been looking for some way to support without smothering!

    P.S. - gotta love cortisone shots :) For two days my doc was being called every name in the book because it HURT so much... and then... bliss...

  10. Well, heck. I'm sorry. It stinks to feel so powerless when loved ones are suffering.

  11. That's really a tough break and pretty much sucks. I'm sorry. We missed you at Crash's falling out via my blog...but we understand! :)

    I can't wait to see You in clog concert! :)

  12. Well things are pretty good here. The surgery went well. Boston is doing okay. He actually just keeps throwing up but he is finally asleep so maybe he will wake up feeling a little better.

    And Lisa knows exactly how to comfort those in need...FOOD! Dude the food here is sooooo bad. Lucky for me I have a great friend who is bringing me dinner.

    I'm sorry to hear about your MIL. I hate bad news. Laughter is the best recipe for sure. Send her a funny book or some of those great funniest home videos Crash was talking about.

    Okay, I need more info on the shot in the knee. Did it hurt? Did they do it fast or push it in SLOW? Did they have to move the needle in different directions or do several small shots or was it just one big one. I wish you would have recorded it for your blog.

    And don't let Lisa fool you, she is an AWESOME dancer! (Now you get to be the one who is all gracious and accepts the compliment. Don't you love it?) You can all come see her perform on Dec. 13th!

  13. whoa whoa whoa! Where is the video of YOU (LISA) dancing? Chicken!

  14. Sorry to hear about your stressing over the ones you care about! Maybe you should make some pumpkin roll...I posted a pic and a recipe. If I knew where ya lived I'd drop you some by so you wouldn't have to make it yourself!!!

  15. Funny Farmer, I'm sorry you're having the frets. And sorry to hear about your M-I-L.

    Crazy Lady, I'm glad your son's surgery is done and that he's resting. You win the prize for squicking out this pregnant lady today with your knee needle questions. Ugh. I just cringed again.

  16. Yea, Lisa, how did the needle feel?

  17. Explaining the cortisone shot will take an entire post of its own. Maybe tomorrow!

  18. It is crazy, I'm just down the road, but go over to visit your MIL so she canb make me feel better. Farmer, one thing you can do is give Jen big kudos for doing such a great job taking care of Mom. She is a star.

    Are you getting the good hair day book? If not, I will. She loves her new recliner.

  19. Hey, just a final update until I have time to blog again, Boston is doing great! He is running around like a maniac as usual. He is still obsessed with this light up fan Lisa gave him and insists on wearing a doctors mask all day long.
    Thanks again Lisa for the delicious dinner. You are a wonderful cook, no wonder your kids won't eat anything new. You have spoiled them with your good cooking.

  20. Amidey, that is wonderful news. Good luck with the recital.

  21. I can second the motion that Boston is back to his old energetic self. I was over to visit today and he came up with his doctor's mask on, his eyes (which was all I could see of him) very somber, and gave me a shot with his toy needle. He said, "I'll do it really fast and it wont' even hurt!" He was right! So I had him do another one in my knee.

    Gosh I love that little kid. This is how I comfort myself for not having more of my own -- I just adopt other people's children!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the soup. I knew I wouldn't have to work very hard to top hospital food! :snicker:

  22. I've been sitting here trying to decide whether to post to this one. It seems rather odd to me to listen in on all the chatter about oneself. Kind of like eavesdropping. I just want to report that I am doing pretty well for being 3 days post-op. All the local troops here have been absolutely wonderful to me. It is hard for a doer to sit down and take but I am doing my best to be gracious about it. It makes it easier that my wonderful, fabulous tribe made sure that I have a good place to sit down. I absolutely love the new recliner. A BIG thank you to everyone who made that happen! Here is how I am all depends on how recently I have taken my pain medicine. It does help most of the time. The incision still pinches a bit but is not too unbearable. Because of having so many nodes out, my armpit and arm hurt a bit too. But everyday is a little better. Kris came and washed my hair this morning. That made me feel like a new woman! Funny Farmer, thanks for your thoughts and concerns. You are the greatest. If you can help those physically near you it will make me happy too! We are still feeling pretty confident about the outcome. So be of good cheer!!!
    PS I hope your knee cooperates and lets you dance painfree soon!