Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Recital - Video!!

At LAST! The videos from the Christmas Dance Recital! I know it's taken me three days to get this posted, but I have literally spilt blood trying to get this up. I woke up at 4am this morning and decided to get it finished once and for all!

I'm a little frustrated at the poor quality of the video. You can't really see faces, so I'll describe where my kids and I are at the beginning of each dance. There were ten dances total with kids ranging in age from 4 years to teenagers, but we only taped the ones my family was in. Now I'm wishing I had them all!

The Opener - Lollipop by Mika

Megan is the little blonde girl in the center front, wearing a turquoise sweater and pink mini-skirt, holding an orange lollipop. She has a couple of little solo parts in the song, and had a blast doing that. Nathan is second from right, wearing a red sweatshirt with a blue scarf, holding a yellow lollipop. I know it looks like he has braids... but it's the hat he's wearing, not his hair. :D

Check out the Coffee Grinder move by the boys at the front near the end of the video.

Intermediate Clogging Class - Gummy Bear

Nathan is on the far left wearing Orange. Megan is second from right in Blue. Scottlynn (Crazy Lady's youngest daughter) is third from right wearing Pink. These kids had such a fun time learning and performing this song and I think they did a great job! It's hard to believe that my kids have only been clogging for 16 months. I'm absolutely thrilled with the progress they're making, and they absolutely love it!

Lyrical Class - Song for a Winter Night

Megan starts on the far right. She is the tallest blonde girl in this class. Scottlynn starts on the far left. I think. I have a really hard time telling girls apart when their hair is all pulled up!

Adult Clogging Class - Chocolate

From left to right: Sara in Blue, Erin in Yellow, Amidey (The Crazy Lady) in Green, My Lameness in Red, and Jessica (my fave Sister Out-Law) in Orange. We had soooo much fun with this song. This clogging class is literally the highlight of my week. I love all these ladies and can't wait for class to start again in January!

And NOW.... the REST of the Story!

Remember This Comment from the Crazy Lady the other day?

"Btw - It was fun pinching your butt!"

Here's the incident she was referring to. What the HECK?! I guess she was trying to make sure I would smile through the performance! Well... it worked!

All I can say is, it's a good thing my husband didn't see her do that!

Something happened before the camera started rolling that I desperately wish had gotten filmed: Jessica started out on stage and nobody followed her! Somehow she didn't get the memo that we weren't quite ready. When she realized she was all alone up there, she did a little curtsy and then ran back behind the curtain wondering what the heck was going on?! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry Jessica! Love you!

Like I've said before... the laughter is one of my favorite things about clogging. Good times. Good times indeed!

Anyone in the area who wants to sign their kids (or themselves) up for clogging or ballet/lyrical dance classes, just contact The Crazy Lady!


  1. What a talented family you are! Er, um, but, I thought clogging is what the Irish do--the thing that turned into Riverdance. How is this different from tap-dancing? Or is it just a regional language thing?

  2. WOW--great job all of them!!! You definitely did better than just passing! Seriously awesome!

  3. Oh my heck, I'm so proud that you are MY neighbor down the street and that you are so talented!! It looks like you all are having so much fun!! The kids are adorable and YES - Megan is "THE" dancer!! I think she invited Sawyer and now I'm kicking myself that we didn't go! I'm sure the live version would have been the best!

  4. First of all, isn't Megan adorable! That is why I put her in that part. She looks like an angel. Second dance, these kids were so much fun. For some reason Nathan looks like a gangster just a bit. They all did awesome. Third dance, these girls were so adorable. I love the littlest one Rachel. She was so much younger than the rest but she did a great job.

    Okay, OUR DANCE IS AWESOME! I had to watch it twice. I can't believe we actually kept our energy up through that whole thing. I know my legs were burning. Lisa, you were awesome. Everyone did such a great job. We all deserve a girls night out for that one!

    Oh, and the whole pinch the butt thing. It was fun but I must admit, I was pulling off a piece of lint so she wouldn't be shaking her fanny with lint on it. Still, I think it was the first time I didn't have to fake a smile. My hubby was like,"What the heck?!" I had to explain to him the reason. We are good friends but we don't exactly run around pinching each other's butts.

  5. That was great!
    How fun to share those times as a family. I remember that ballet class with my sister was the best. It would have been TOTALLY AWESOME if my mom participated, but she was off taking care of the other 6 :-).

    Hey.. I didn't see any chugging. That's the only clogging move I know...

  6. I was wondering if the bum pinching was a clogging version of the football bum slap.

    Great performances all around. (Am I supposed to pinch bums now?)

    Uh, too bad I'm so far away. Yeah, too, too bad.

  7. I have been checking every day to see if this was posted yet. Good job everybody! Thanks for sharing so those of us who couldn't come could still enjoy the show! I think you all looked awesome and are doing great in the class. I wish I could do that again.

    One of my favorite parts of the videos was to hear oldboatguys enthuastic approval of the preformances!

    The kids were great! So glad the funny farmer's knee cooperated. Good job!

  8. lint.. butt pinch... yeah - whatever!

    So much fun - I think this is the first time in 30 years (since I was a LITTLE tiny girl) that I've had the desire to take a dance class! Loved it!!!

  9. Wow, I'm tired after watching that! Great job everyone! Don't let Lisa fool you. I'm betting that she said "Thank you!" after the pinching incident. She's weird like that.

  10. Whaddya mean, I'm weird like that?! Just exactly what are you trying to say, my bovine friend?

    Thanks everyone for your kind critiques. It was fun and I was actually a little sad when it was over.

  11. Well Spring is only a few months away.
    I agree with mom I loved hearing your dad on the video.

    Way to go everyone, Megan, Nathan, Jessica, and Lisa.


  12. How adorable!!!!!!!!! What a darling dancer you are. And Crazy Lady is as cute as a button. She looks 16. And your kids are so graceful. I loved watching that. Thanks for getting up at 4am.

    And HOW funny, that pinch on the behind. hee hee.

    I wish I was in your clogging class so bad.

  13. Sorry it took me so long to get here. Yesterday my internet was so slow, I could't even watch the vidios!

    Your awsome. Lisa, and Nathan and Megan!!!! It was fun to be there. And hollor. I'm impressed that Marge and Pat could tell it was me. Thanks.

    I didn't see the butt pinching, I was making sure the camera was working right. I should have had it a little bit telephoto. But last year I made everyone sick with my adjustments. Hee Hee

  14. You can dance! And so can your kids for that matter! It's nice to see clogging done to fun songs too. That keeps them interested and the audience too! That was fun!!! I have to say that I wouldn't have the nerve to do that!


  15. Great Job!! I'm so impressed. I could not see any mistakes by the red MM. If there were any, I need glasses. Boy the fun just shines through.