Sunday, October 19, 2008


I didn't exactly plan not to go to church today. That would be a sin on top of a sin, to consciously plan to skip church and then do it. And I didn't do that. But when at T minus 30 minutes and counting I was out dealing with escape artist chickens, I realized that I would be late, and the temptation came: It doesn't matter; indeed, just skip the whole thing.

And then I dropped the feed bucket and ran for the house to get dressed, because I know that when I don't want to go to church is the day that I really need to go to church. (Which, honestly, is pretty much every week lately. What's up with that?)

I arrived only a few minutes late -- in time for the sacrament, even. (Hooray!) I ignored the bishop's wry grin as I walked all the way up to the second row to sit with my prompt and halo-clad children.

And sure enough, near the end of the High Councilor's talk came the scripture nugget that I needed. I spent the remaining two hours of the block poring over scriptures, writing in my church notebook, and completely ignoring the hard-won lessons prepared by the Sunday School and Relief Society teachers. (Does that make me a bad person?)

I'm glad I went today. I really needed that boost.

Well, Duh...

What? Oh... you want to know what the scripture nugget was?

Promise not to laugh?

Cross your heart and hope to die, stick a needle in your eye?

Okay. Here goes:

Though he were a Son,
yet learned he obedience by
the things which he suffered.

(Hebrews 5:8)

And on the opposite page:

For we have not an high priest
which cannot be touched
with the feeling of our infirmities;
but was in all points tempted
like as we are,
yet without sin.

Let us therefore come boldly
unto the throne of grace,
That we may obtain mercy,
and find grace to help
in time of need.

(Hebrews 4:15-16)

And finally:

There was given to me
a thorn in the flesh,
The messenger of Satan
to buffet me,
lest I should be exalted above measure.

For this thing
I besought the Lord thrice,
that it might depart
from me.

And he said unto me,
My grace is sufficient for thee:
for my strength is made perfect
in weakness.

Most gladly therefore
will I rather glory in my infirmities,
that the power of Christ may rest
upon me.

(2 Corinthians 12: 7-9)


  1. Yes, there is purpose for and relief from the suffering of this life.

    Simple, but very profound when we take it in.

    I love it when something at church gets me excited. I've been too busy chasing down these kinds of thoughts to pay proper attention in class a time or two. It's not bad. Just go read the lesson. :D

  2. I kinda think we have all been there where we don't always feel like doing what we know is, in the long run, the best for us spiritually. I remember the years that were hard with so many children to try to get ready to go to church (forget about the on-time thing) all by myself because hubby was already off on the Lord's errand. Satan often tried to trick me into thinking that it wasn't worth it. It took so much energy to keep them quiet during the sacrament service that I never had time to reflect on my own covenents. So why bother! Now as I reflect back to where you are now I guess the thing that saved me in the end was that I realized that I needed another source to fill up my bucket. Institute classes during the week was the answer for me. That was my salvation!

    BTW I really like the little scripture chain you developed. So true! So true! I love it when one thought leads me on a quest for more and opens up new ideas.

  3. psst . . . sorry I'm logged in incognito (not on purpose)

    Lovely post. Lovely when you're trying to be all spiritual.

    Grace and mercy are my two favorite topics. and Forgiveness is my favorite "F" word.

    May you be fortified to meet your trial.


  4. "...glory in my infirmities..."

    Does that mean I should be enjoying this head cold?

  5. Way to kick satan in the teeth. Glad you shared what you got from the day. I needed to hear it as well.

  6. Thanks for sharing. Hopped over here from Blokthoughts. I'm glad you had a great day at church. I had one of those days too!

  7. I really love when you get all spiritual on helps kick my butt into gear! :)

    I am the same...I think about not going, all of a sudden my body is feeling like it came down with some incredible, unforseen, illness...then I instantly change my mind because if Joseph Smith can preach the day after he was Tar and Feathered...I can go to church! lol!

    BUt you are's the days that we don't want to go that we learn the most... thanks for sharing the scripture nuggets! :)

  8. "Come boldly to the throne of Grace" is one of my favorite scripture thoughts.

    We wait to long to go to Him. We suffer alone because we think that's our job. "come boldly" reminds me that He has done His part, and that coming to Him is my part.

  9. Happy mommy, you are right that I wait too long to go to Him. I think though, that I wait because I am not altogether confident that He will help me.

    My bad.

    Any thoughts on how to change that?


  10. Thank you. You will never know how much I needed that today and your simple blog was a answer to much prayer.

  11. Thanks, I have been struggling with the best way to help a sister in an abusive marriage. I wish I had read this before I met with her today. She needs to feel that His Grace is sufficient for her and her kids.

  12. I guess I will try harder next week... I am failing lately at this one.