Sunday, October 26, 2008

Marching Band

Friday evening was the Red Rocks Marching Band Competition in St. George, Utah. I had the opportunity to go along and watch Susan compete with our high school band (which shall remain nameless even though most of you already know where I live but I have to make some small effort to protect my identity just in case there is some freaky internet stalker who might wish to come and steal my beautiful children and murder me in my sleep).

For grandparents and other interested family who have never seen the band march, here is a short video of part of their competition routine. Susan is the adorable one wearing black and red.

Here she is up close. Isn't she a cutie? I sure love this kid.

She has been incredibly diligent and dedicated to this whole marching band thing. These kids meet to practice at 6:30am 4 days a week, with a two hour after school practice on the fifth day. In the summer they had two band camps, one in May and one in August, for a combined total of 18 days marching out in the hot sun. She's learned a lot, made tons of friends, and had a blast along the way.

And it all paid off when they won THIRD PLACE in the 2A division! What a great way to end the season! Everyone was happy and relieved and we all went back to the hotel and some of us stayed up most of the night being silly (hint: "some of us" means SUSAN and not her poor tired mother), which is what kids do on band trips, right?

Way to Go, DONS!

That doesn't give my location away, does it?


  1. Okay, so maybe it gives away your location a bit... but I'll be even worse... since I'm about to complain that you were less than 5 miles from my house and I didn't even know so that I could come and stalk you in person instead of just here on your blog????

    Okay - Just Kidding, I'm really not that weird - or at least I hide it well!

  2. Way to go Susan!!!! That's my grand daughter.

  3. Wow. An overnight chaperone. You get a gold star for that, Lisa. It will likely be a lot of years before I'd be called upon to do that, since my only girl is still gestating, but I remember wearing out a chaperone or two while I was a teen. (Not even being "naughty" just having that teenage ability to stay up all night was enough.)

    Good job to Susan and her band!