Saturday, October 4, 2008

So there was this cute guy...

at the gym yesterday. I first caught sight of him as I walked to the fountain to fill my water bottle. He was pumping iron with an obscene amount of weight on the bar. His face was focused and tense with effort, triceps in sharp relief on the backs of his arms as the bar was pushed up, then let down to touch his broad chest, then back up again. Down. Up. Down. Up...

Someone cleared his throat behind me, and I jumped. Oh, sorry! Uh... go ahead, yeah I'm through. I stepped away from the fountain, my water bottle only half full. I forced myself to turn away from the hunk on the bench press and walked purposefully to the other side of the room.

I put my earbuds in, turned up the volume, and started into my workout: Arms, back, abs, legs. I finished the leg press and was headed to the leg curl, and there he was perched on the calf machine right next to the leg curl machine. Dude--this guy was hot! He wore his dark hair cropped short, and his eyes twinkled mischievously when he smiled at me as I approached. I grinned back uncertainly. Blushing, I spun away and walked in the opposite direction toward the stationary bikes. Forget the leg curls--I am so not doing those with him watching!

I picked the first bike in the row and started pedaling. I fought temptation for a minute, lost, and looked across to the calf machine. He was gone. I casually scanned the room until I found him just finishing squats over by the windows. Then he moved over to the pull-up bar, right in plain view from my position. His shirt stretched tight over his back muscles and his biceps bulged as his body moved smoothly up and down. He made it look sooooo easy. He dropped to the floor, wiped the sweat from his brow with a towel, and headed right toward me. He grinned and winked at me as he passed. What the heck? Is this guy flirting with me?! I am a happily married woman, for heaven's sake! I should leave right now, that's what I should do! What if a member of my ward witnesses this? What do I do if he actually talks to me?!

But I didn't leave. I didn't really want to.

He continued behind me and got on a treadmill one row back. I risked a glance over my shoulder and was relieved to see that his eyes were riveted on the bank of televisions suspended from the ceiling. He was probably watching Sportscenter or that sleazy music video on screen #5. I pedaled with an adrenaline assist until my 20 minutes were up, then began to gather my stuff and prepared to dash for the door. Before I could bolt, I heard footsteps and then a voice right behind me.


I turned slowly and grinned crookedly up at those smiling eyes while winding my earbud chord around my mp3 player. "Hi, handsome. Have a good workout?"

"Yeah. You?"

"Yeah. I was a little distracted though. Did you have to show off with the pull-ups? You know I can't concentrate when you do pull-ups."

His grin widened wickedly. "Yeah. I know you can't."

I punched him lightly on the shoulder. "Come on. The kids will be wondering what's for dinner."

"What is for dinner, anyway?"

"Dutch Babies," I smirked.

He winced in mock disgust. "Would you be offended if I picked up some pizza?"

I stared at him... dumbfounded. Then I found my voice.

"Get me a Supreme, will you?"


  1. After all these years and still flirting. Sweet.

  2. But he had brown eyes "his brown eyes crinkled", so who was this hunk? I'm telling!

  3. phew! Isn't it nice that you can still distract each other with your striking good looks :)

  4. Love it! Great writing, girl! I'm so proud.

    Would have been super funnnnnnyy if you had said you were having Dutch Babies for dinner and then linked to your last post. ha ha

    oops conference is back on.


    HA HA!!!!

  6. I love that your husband can still make you swoon! You inspire me to quit giving my husband thank-goodness-you're-home-get-these-kids-away-from-me kisses and start on the you-are-the-love-of-my-life-and-let's-fit-in-some-alone-time-this-evening kisses. ;)

  7. This is great writing. What a wonderful thing to read this written about your husband.

  8. What a fun read! You should consider writing a novel! BTW I think he's cute too!

  9. OKay that was awesome...because I was right there with you...thinking you might confess to a GYM crush...and then it was your husband! So sweet! Wish my husband even worked out with me...but I love him dang oh well! That is a GREAT post!

  10. What a wonderful love story. So sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Very cute. I was hoping you were talking about your sweet husband.

    And I love your little duckling picture. Hilarious!

    Onto my Reader you go, young lady!

  12. I dunno if all the gym flirting is becoming for a pregnant lady.


  13. LOVE IT!!! This is great writing and why you are so popular.