Sunday, November 11, 2007

Upgrading: Laundry Room

I bought a new front loading washer/dryer set on clearance last month. Just because they were last year's model, I got these beauties for $600 less than the original cost. Friday evening, my very handy handsome husband installed them for me. Purty, aren't they? The washer and dryer, I mean. Tom is just flat out handsome, which probably doesn't affect his handy man skills, but he's sure fun to watch. But I digress.

The acquisition of these new appliances has started an avalanche of remodelling wishes. I now want the cement wall framed and sheetrocked. I want cabinets. I want a wall mounted ironing center. I want a water filtration system to deal with our impossibly hard water.
In short, I want to spend a lot of money.
Sigh. One thing at a time. For now, I have nifty new toys that make washing clothes about as fun as laundry is allowed to be. Lucky me!


  1. Although having new, cool toys to do laundry can be fun, I think having someone else do it makes it even more fun.

  2. Congrats on the newest addition to you family.

  3. Wait, Christine, your not suggesting that one of her, uh, children do it, are you?

  4. I love my front loaders and almost cry every time I walk to the laundry room only to be faced with MOUNTAINS of laundry and then have it done in the matter of a few loads. What a HUGE blessing in my life. :) I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine -- except for the crying part. :)

  5. Lisa, you now have the washer and dryer of my dreams!!! Next time I am there I want to try them out. I hope you are enjoying them!!


  6. The first thing Andrew said when he saw them: "The doors are backwards."

    Yes. Yes they are. We put them in the same positions my old washer/dryer were in; washer next to the sink, dryer next to the folding table.

    The first thought one would have would be to change which way the doors open. Which is a good idea, except that the washer door cannot be switched. So, I can either switch the dryer and have them both open the same direction, or swap places for the units, so that the doors will open toward each other. Gotta think about that.

  7. i am envious of your new toys. have fun using them :)