Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sticker Shock

Now that we have an income again, we decided to give away all of it to the orthodontist. We do have dental coverage, and all the receptionists gush about what great dental coverage we have.

So yesterday Karianne and Susan had their initial consultations. Sure enough, the doctor said, they need braces. Before I bit my tongue, I was about to ask him if he ever consults with someone who doesn't need braces. But I decided that he didn't know me well enough to get the joke, so I refrained.

Then he gave me the estimates for the work they need.

Holy overdraft Batman! Our portion is $3180. Each. Assuming Nathan's work is the same, that's freaking $9540 out of pocket! And we have GREAT dental coverage, lest you forget.

Must. Not. Hyperventilate.


  1. I feel your pain. At least I did 4 years ago when Jared started his monthly homage to the orthodontist. Thank goodness for monthly payments, although it was as big as a car payment. Sheesh, I am very grateful that Trent didn't need braces. Although I agree with you, if I took him in, I am sure they would say he would benefit from having them. But his teeth are not obviously needing them, so he probably won't ever get them. And now it is Diana's turn to start. You should have been smarter to have your kids that need braces, 5 years apart. That way you could just pay for one at a time. :(

  2. ouch at the sticker shock. looking at my kids teeth it is definitely in our financial future.

  3. Yikkes!!! That will be us when we take our girls in!!! :(