Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Token post

Is it really that I am too busy to blog? Or just that my time management skills have been blown into oblivion?

One sad event that has hampered my ability and desire to post is the loss of my new camera. Yes, the one that takes marvelous pictures that I cannot afford to replace at this time. Even the old camera is currently misplaced. I have not been able to make myself post since the loss of my new camera... I didn't want to admit that I was so careless as to leave it at a city park, and deep down somewhere in the damp corners of my mind I reasoned that if I didn't write it down, maybe it didn't happen. Three weeks later... it still hasn't turned up.

So now I can't blog about Nathan's diving class because those pictures were on the camera. I can't blog about how awesome my massive garden is doing because you really need to see it to believe it. I can't blog about the amazing new sectional sofa we bought for the basement family room because again, words just aren't adequate to describe it.

Maybe I'll go look for my camera some more.


  1. Well, cute friend. I have a camera and would be happy to come over as "your professional photographer". :) We could download them directly onto your computer when we are done or I can email them to you. I would hate to see great blogging opportunities passed up. :)

  2. Also I really like your new couch and your corn is humongous!

  3. I think you should download some of those pictures off the internet. You could really have fun finding some pictures of couches (tie-dyed sound good?), amaze people with 100 acres of gardens, and freak people out if Nathan suddenly had dark hair, curly hair, or no hair at all. Just a thought.