Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunrise, Sunset

I have always loved sunsets. Here are a few fun pics from this summer.

When Tom first started working in SLC, I woke up with him nearly every morning, so I got to see a few sunrises too. This one was particularly stunning.

There's a funny story about this particular sunrise. I was standing at the kitchen window in my lightweight summer bathrobe, when I decided I just had to have some pictures of the glory outside. But because of the houses to the east of us, I determined to gain a little bit of elevation for these shots. So out came the extension ladder, and up I went. Now those of you familiar with Spanish Fork know that the wind blows strongly most summer mornings. This morning was no exception. As I perched atop the ladder, holding onto the roof for dear life while craning around to snap the pics, my thin robe whipped around my legs and showed more than I'd bargained for. I just prayed that the neighbors all had sense enough to be asleep at 5:15am.


  1. Those are really pretty, mom! I like the silhouette of the gun club sign against the sunset. and of nathan fishing.

  2. I agree with susan but i think of you perching on that ladder trying to maintain some sort of modesty in your robe and have to laugh. you are the greatest. love me

  3. Also did you know that Tori likes sunsets? It is true. She watches them every night but she misses nights. That is what she told me and Karianne. Also I do really love those pictures. I love the sunrise one lots because of it's purplish tones. Just don't tell Tori... :)

  4. You have given me a desire to get up early enough to see a sunrise. Time will only tell if the desire is strong enough for me to get my body out of bed at that hour. :)

    I had a similar robe experience a few years ago. I had taken a late morning shower and had thrown on the robe as I heard the front door open and close again. I raced down the stairs and out the door to chase after Reed. That was when a SF wind came up and gave the neighbors a show! :) I don't think anyone saw and I have always grabbed the heavier robe from then on. :)